DIY Aluminum Frames


Popular designs from the past return!

Raw and unfinished, we are bringing back some of the iconic slingshot frames and designs from the SimpleShot archives (even back to the FlippinOut days).

All of these frames are made from 6061 aluminum and water jet cut right here in North Carolina. Please note, these frames are raw, rough, and completely unfinished. They DO NOT come with bands and are NOT ready to shoot. However, with a bit of handwork and patience, you can be up and running in no time.

For those who loved the FlipKung© series, it's back in the DIY format with the Axiom™, Maxim™, Maxim Champ™ and DeadRinger.

For those of you who like to scale slingshots, the FlipKung© series is excellent.

If you prefer a solid core, we offer the Maxim™, Axiom™, Axiom Ocularis™, and Lil Plinker in two thicknesses.

Remember, these are NOT finished frames. These are water jet cut and raw aluminum.

Here's some inspiration from past models (2014 - 2017) with these very frames.

Axiom™ FlipKung - 2014

Axiom™ Ocularis - 2014

BeanFlip - 2015

Axiom™ OTT 1/2 in. Solid - 2016

Axiom™ 1/4 in. Solid - 2015

Lil Plinker - 2015

Maxim Champ FlipKung - 2015

Maxim™ FlipKung - 2014

In this video, Nathan introduces each model and takes a look at what we've done with each in the past.

Choose from any of our 10 frames and do it yourself!

Axiom OTT 0.25", and 0.5" Solid and FlipKung 0.25" Skeleton

Maxim FlipKung 0.25" Skeleton and 0.25" Solid

Maxim Champ FlipKung 0.25" Skeleton

DeadRinger FlipKung 0.25" Skeleton

Axiom Ocularis 0.5"

BeanFlip 0.5"

Lil' Plinker 0.25"