About SimpleShot

Mission Statement

At SimpleShot, our values don't just reflect who we are as a team, but what we stand for and aim to bring to you, our fellow slingshot enthusiast. Together, we are a global team, bringing joy, education, and excellence to the slingshot world. 

Our values are: 

Honesty and Integrity, Leadership, Community, Joy, and Excellence.

Meet the team

Nathan Masters

Owner / Founder

You probably already know about Nathan. His love of craftsmanship and slingshots birthed this company over 10 years ago, beginning as FlippinOut Slingshots and eventually growing into SimpleShot. Nathan pioneered the hand-made craftsman slingshots in the early 2000s, brought the Scout to market in 2012, and has driven the worldwide slingshot movement as much as anyone else. North America's representative for the World Slingshot Association and present at every tournament possible, Nathan's love of slingshots has done wonders for the world of slingshots. Winner of heaps of tournaments, Nathan's love is not winning tournaments, however, but sharing the love of slingshots with the world

Fun Fact: Nathan loves Tenkara fishing, being outside, and the art of brewing tea.


Director Of Marketing / Brand Manager

If you're looking at something SimpleShot or reading something from SimpleShot, it's probably Jacob's doing. Jacob built the original SimpleShot website over a decade ago, designed practically everything you see concerning SimpleShot, and has kept the systems running since the start of SimpleShot. Jacob co-founded Slingshot Mastery in 2019.

Fun Fact: Jacob grew up adoring Bob Ross (his parents' house is filled with his old paintings) and prefers shooting 12mm clay in his woods.


Operations Manager

Dan is all about systems and operations. He’s behind the screen daily making sure that the SimpleShot machine remains well oiled, and troubleshooting issues when/if they arise. He’s crazy about cars and food, and is always looking for problems to solve. Chances are if “we’re looking into it”, then Dan’s on the job! 

Fun Fact: Originally from Virginia, Dan has lived in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, France, and now beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.


Warehouse Manager

John manages all the systems inside the SimpleShot HQ. If has to do with the warehouse, John is on top of it. He's the guy that keeps every single SimpleShot product organized, assembled, inventoried and shipped - day-in and day-out. John was born and raised in Asheville, and is always spending time with his wife and three children.

Fun Fact: In his spare time, John enjoys experiencing the local music scene, listening to vinyl records, and helping out with his kid’s sports teams.


Customer Support Lead

If you've used our live chat support, you've likely chatted with Adam. Adam has been with SimpleShot since 2021. He is an expert in the category of slingshot knowledge and was already a huge SimpleShot fan, making it an easy choice to bring him into the team. He works with the warehouse shipping team to make sure messages get to customers if there are any issues with orders as well as all the live support messages that come in daily.

Fun Fact: He shoots his Scout LT and Axiom X with 5/16" steel ammo and 3/8” steel ammo the most but he shoots all ammo sizes including BB’s. 


Receiving and Inventory

Josh started at SimpleShot as a product packager and quickly moved to receiving and inventory within the warehouse. He makes sure the warehouse is organized and products are where they need to be to ensure the rest of the warehouse can function at maximum efficiency. 

Fun Fact: Josh was born and raised in Asheville NC, and loves going on hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains with his wife. 


Product Preparation 

A ten-year veteran at SimpleShot, Linda has done many things over the years from tying bands (literally tens of thousands) to assembling and packing products. Now, Linda has settled into her role of shipping and she does so with a passion. If you've ever placed an order late one night to find it shipped early the next morning, thank Linda.

Fun Fact: Linda is a very early riser, and is always the first one on the job.


Shipping Lead

If it shipped, Michael did it. Michael is the newest addition to Team SimpleShot joining in January 2024. His primary duties include shipping, and product assembly. Michael is dedicated to ensuring the utmost accuracy of your order when it arrives to you. He also takes pride in sending out packages that will bring people joy across the world.