Band Tying Jig
Band Tying Jig
Band Tying Jig
Band Tying Jig

Band Tying Jig

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Band Tying Jig

Band Tying Jig

Product description

Tie your own bands for a perfect fit!

Tying your own bandsets for your slingshot? Then you need a jig! This jig does it all...

Fully adjustable (even the wrench is included) for every band you throw at it, the slingshot handset jig will clamp down onto your band as you are tying and provide the exact amount of stretch needed for success.


The stretching mechanism grabs onto your pouch (centering hole or no centering hole) to provide the stretch you need to make a strong tie that won't let go. Comes with suction cup feet and a wrench. The hole in the frame also allows a desk mount if desired.


The clamp is a soft material that will not damage your bands and is easily adjustable to provide just the right tension.

If you're not tying your own bands, you're missing out. If you are not using a reliable jig, you're missing out.

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rich p.

It works, does what I wanted.

Dan K.

Great jig. Simplifies the process of tying pouches. Adjustable for different sizes. All in all worth every penny.

Keith M.

This little Jig has really helped me as I'm learning to make my own bands. Tying the pouch is definitely a lot easier with this.

John M.

Excellent little jig. I use it exclusively when attaching bands to pouch. I use the wrap tuck method. Works great!

Jeffrey W.

Works very well. Assume all four adjustable bolts are not ideally positioned when shipped to you. The lock-down positions must be obtained by adjusting all four bolts or the necessary tension on the bands will not be maintained for the tying down of the elastics.

Tracy D.

This makes tying bands so much easier and is worth every penny of it's very reasonable price. For my use I turned the clamping block over so that I have the black round rubber one on the bottom which works better for me. Be sure you adjust the stretching mechanism on the other end for your preferences and keep in mind you don't have to over stretch the bands for a good tie. I do wish that there was about an inch more room between the bottom of the jig and the band when stretched for easier tying but I do have XL hands.