SimpleShot Premium Latex Sheet
SimpleShot Premium Latex Sheet
SimpleShot Premium Latex Sheet

SimpleShot Premium Latex Sheet

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An entirely new formulation of latex made specifically for SimpleShot, specifically for slingshot performance. Durable, predictable, and cold resistant to -15C… and wicked hot performance! Comes in 2 meters (or 6.5 feet) in length and 150mm (or 6 inches)in width.
Thickness: 0.5mm
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Product description

An entirely new formulation of latex made specifically for SimpleShot, specifically for slingshot performance.

Comes in  2 meters (or 6.5 feet) in length and 150mm (or 6 inches) in width.

We live in the golden age of slingshots and SimpleShot is always there to provide you the very best products available on the market. Latex is the heart of the slingshot and the power source for putting your shot on target. However, not all latex is the same.

For many years Theraband Gold was the ‘gold’ standard. With the advent of many varieties of Chinese flat latex over the past few years, we have begun to see radical increases in performance…but it just doesn’t last very long and can fail in uncommon and possibly dangerous ways.

The ideal latex for slingshots has a very high rate of retraction, performs well in temperatures below freezing, and has a predictable service life. In the last few years we have seen some outstanding bands from China and we have stocked them. However, they can often fail in random places with no predictability or warning and suffer performance losses in the cold.

We knew that there had to be something better and we have worked closely with the world’s very best latex manufacturer in China to develop what we believe to be the best slingshot flatband on the market! SimpleShot Premium Latex is the answer. Not just a compromise, but an entirely new formulation of latex made specifically for SimpleShot, specifically for slingshot performance.

Durable, predictable, and cold resistant to -15C… and wicked hot performance! Give the new SimpleShot Premium Latex a shot and take your shooting to a new level!

  • 0.4mm- Often used by those who shoot with extended draw (butterfly style) and smaller ammo.
  • 0.5mm - Preferred by target shooters and those who enjoy smaller ammo ¼”-5/16” (6mm-8mm)
  • 0.6mm - Perfect for target shooting with larger ammo like 3/8” (9.5mm)
  • 0.7mm - Do it all. Cut to your preferred taper and this thickness will accommodate just about any size ammo.
  • 0.8mm - Preferred by hunters and those who need to deliver heavy projectiles with authority.
  • 1.0mm - For those who insist on shooting the heaviest of ammo with the most resistance. Great for shooting stones and heavy lead shot.
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I recommend this product

Simpleshot Latex for the Win

Freak’n Amazing…..Used it all weekend at the East Coast Slingshot Tournament 2022 …..One Band Set to Rule them All….Thanks


My discoveries of this latex. Love the black. Why? 1) I thought using the colored latex may be helping me with sighting even when shooting intuitively but certainly with aiming. Actually the black is better because the bands aren't the reference I thought when I shoot. In sunlight the colored bands are too bright (especially light colors) and distracting compared to the black. The black are absolutely the best. 2) LONGEVITY; this is the longest lasting latex I have used. The difference was enough that even after using Simple-Shot latex for a while know, I keep expecting the bands about ready to break. Nope, they are good for a noticeable amount more. Ha Ha, Less band tying!! More use! Hopefully you will find the same. I am now a Simple-Shot latex user. And I admit it.

Wes C.

This is an amazing material. I get 2000 + shots out of a set of bands .

Fernando C.

had this simpleshot premium 0.8mm for a little over a week... im a believer... i doubled up on the bands and i literally hit everything and my aim is bettet cause the rock travels straight line longer... no drop.... pure power... yea i shoot rocks old school... finally i found the wow factor i was searching for

Bikram S.

I had purchased Simple Shot .8 roll and made some bands last night. I also a .9 P----- Last night I installed both the bands in two of my slingshots and tried them out. I was expecting the .9 Pr==== to beat the Simple Shot .8 but I was proved wrong. Although there was no major difference in 9.5 mm ammo, the difference showed up when I started to shot the .451 lead round balls. At 12 yards the shots from .9 Pr---- were dropping so low that they were missing my catch box. I came to about 7 yards and still the .9 Pr--- was missing the target. It was shooting a few inches low. Then I tried the other slingshot with .8 Simple Shot and the heavy 11.5mm lead balls hit the target at 7 yards. I walked back to 12 yard mark and tried again. The shot did go a few inches low but fell in the catch box. Tonight I will try the 10mm lead balls and I am sure they will be pretty accurate. I will be retiring the other bands and stick with Simple Shot. In fact I will be placing an order for some more rolls of .7 and .8 bands in near future.

Dan G.

I'm a couple years new to slingshots and a 39 year professional engineer. Am a fan of SS products. I have several LT frames that I shoot quite a bit. I started almost immediately making my own bands and started with TBG once I wore out the bands that came with the LTs. I was very happy with accuracy but wanted more velocity for 20 yd shooting. I tried 1mm SS Black. It’s fast. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to shoot accurately. I tried bands from 10mm straight to 25/17mm tapers with large and small pouches and the worst shoot pie plate groups at 10 yds. Some configurations are better than others, but they all produce a lot of flyers. I can drill a soda can top/middle/bottom every shot at that distance with TBG bands. So I just recently tried 0.7mm SS Black thinking 1mm is just too thick to get out of its own way and the accuracy potential seems to be there. I’m liking it. I’d love to see high speed vids of SSB 1mm and see if there is a reason for my issues with it. 0.7mm SS Black is giving me good accuracy and very good band life. It is definitely the new baseline. Keep up the good work SS. Sling on.