Integrated Clips

Band Installation Guide

This band installation guide will go over setup of your slingshot with Integrated Clips, and give you the knowledge to make sure you safely and correctly use your SimpleShot slingshot using the Integrated Clips Band Installation Method.

This is the SimpleShot Guide to installing slingshot bands using our NEW Integrated Clips. This is the same process for any Integrated Clip Slingshot model such as the Axiom X, Slant Press Pro, and Stylus Keeper Pro - all slingshot models that are made uniquely for OTT (Over The Top) shooting style. We recommend only using the SimpleShot integrated clips that came with your slingshot to secure your bands.

The Integrated Clip method is the by far the easiest and simplest slingshot banding process since the clip is integrated directly into the slingshot. Simply loosen up the clip where the installation will be taking place. Make sure that you have enough room to insert the end of the band. Insure that the inside of the pouch is facing up as you place the band in the grove, creating a trough back from the target side of the slingshot, knowing that it will pull over the top of the forks. Once your bands are in place, tighten up the clip finger tight - and finger tight is just fine, you do not need to over tighten because you can damage the bands if you get too tight. Make sure your clips are snug and that your bands have no twists for a proper over-the-top band configuration with SimpleShot Integrated Clips.

For added performance, tune your bands by cutting them to match your draw length. If you don't know how to tune your bands, please
check out our tutorial on our website or youtube to make sure your bands are tuned properly.

Get to know your Integrated Clips

Hex Screw Threaded Attachements

High-strength M5-0.8x10mm Hex Screws provide a tight grip without needing power-tools or thread locker.

Hex Head Bit Quick-Release Keychain

Hex Head Bit (size 3mm) with Quick-Release Screwdriver Keychain for clip-style integrated clip band attachment systems.

Easy Band Installation

SimpleShot Integrated Clips are the newest, simplest, and easiest way to install your slingshot bands.


Step 1.

Loosen integrated clip using the SimpleShot Hex Bit Tool.

Step 2.

Insert the end of your band while insuring that the inside of the pouch is facing up.

Step 3.

Once your bands are in place, tighten up the clip finger tight

Step 4.

Make sure your clips are snug and that your bands have no twists for the OTT configuration.

ATTENTION:Do NOT over-tighten. Be careful to not damage the band material as tighten your FlipClips.

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Axiom X
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Hex Head Bit Quick-Release Keychain
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Hex Screws (6 pack) for Axiom X
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Stylus Keeper PRO
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Slant Press PRO
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Heavy Duty Flat Bands (7/16

Frequently Asked Questions
Does my Integrated Clip slingshot come with everything I need to shoot?

Absolutely. It comes with a lanyard, two powerful bandsets, and Integrated Clips to attach your bands to the frame. Everything you need to shoot is included. You supply the ammo.

What bandset comes with my Integrated Clip slingshot?

Any slingshot that is supplied with Slingshot Flatband Bandsets, come with (2) of the 7/16"/11mm steel ammo size bandset. This size has the most adaptability/versatility for the common slingshot ammo sizes available.

What is different about Integrated Clips?

Integrated clips are our newest version of SimpleShot's dedication to making slingshots easy to use. Integrated Clips replace the need for FlipClip or Band Tying Tape, meaning that you have everything you need to attach you bands quickly and easily.