Introducing the Seljan Series
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Introducing the Seljan Series

Sep 02, 2022

Long ago, early in the days of SimpleShot, when the original Scout was our only true production model slingshot, we met a man who would change the face of SimpleShot and the slingshot sport forever.

This man is a true slingshot enthusiast, one of those who was born with a slingshot in his hand and whose family appreciated and cultivated the art of simple shooting tools. A man who can blend functional design into a common tool to bring the world some of the most sought-after and respected slingshot designs in the on the market today. That man is Mark Seljan of Hungary.

Mark Seljan, Master Slingshot Enthusiast

For those of you who have been in the slingshot game for a while, you probably know of Mark and his outstanding designs. In 2013 Mark worked with us to produce the Torque slingshot.

This was our first time working with Mark, and from the first moment we reached out to him, we knew we were working with someone who not only had a depth of technical skill for design but a true passion for the sport of slingshots. The Torque became an instant classic, and Mark’s influence on the SimpleShot lineup would be evident going forward.

In 2015 we reached out to Mark to help develop the world’s very first modular slingshot, the Hammer system. Mark took our design notes and desires, filtered them through his experience, and delivered yet another literal award-winning slingshot design.

Not long after that, we tasked Mark to stylize a few of our founder’s personal slingshot designs, the Axiom Ocularis and Flippin’ Pickle, for production. Both of which became instant classics in their own right and paved the way for our iconic and signature skeletonized handle found on those two models and the more recent Axiom X.

Creating Iconic Slingshot Designs

In 2018, Nathan and Mark attended the Slingshot World Cup in Gualdo Tadino, Italy, where they conceived the idea for the ‘next’ Scout slingshot. The Scout LT was born shortly after and is THE most popular model in the SimpleShot lineup. We took feedback from thousands of loyal fans and customers and gave Mark some loose design parameters. The result was nothing less than amazing!


Are you seeing a pattern here? Yep, Mark has got the skills and then some! This year, our tenth year, Mark helped us to bring two more unique designs to market. The Axiom X and Torque X.

The Axiom X was nothing short of an industrial design masterpiece. We tasked Mark to create the next generation of the venerable Axiom design(one of the most copied styles of slingshot in the western world) with elements not found in current western slingshot design. Brace grip, adjustable fork width, adjustable finger placement, and fiber optic sights. We got more than we expected, per usual.

Similarly, we received feedback from thousands of original Torque owners asking for a slightly smaller frame size, pinch grip compatibility, and narrower fork tips. Torque X, per customer request, is just another example of Mark’s incredible ability to convert ideas into functional art.

So, what is the Seljan Series, then? Great question! 

If you are getting into the slingshot sport, you may have not yet discovered that Mark Seljan has his own lineup of slingshot designs and models. His brand is simply known as ‘Seljan,’ and he has produced in extremely limited quantities some of his personal designs. Mark’s designs have traditionally been made from cast or CNC aluminum in very limited numbers. As such, owning one of his bespoke models is worthy of bragging rights and has been known to cause extreme jealousy amongst the best of slingshot friends.

A Deep Passion For Slingshots

Mark has a deep passion for slingshots, born from a lifetime of experience engaging with this simple tool. However, slingshots are not his vocation but rather a very developed and refined expression of his industrial design talent. Mark teaches industrial design as an Associate professor in the Animation and Media Design Department/Architecture and Design Department at Budapest Metropolitan University. Slingshots and their design just happen to be a part of who he is… and we are so grateful that is the case.

For years, folks have reached out to us at SimpleShot asking for Mark’s designs, such as the Slant, Cleaver, and Choker, among a few. We have always been sad to inform those folks that getting a Seljan slingshot is as rare as hen’s teeth. However, with our world of slingshot fans growing daily and the continual releases of unique Seljan-designed SimpleShot products, we felt our responsibility as leaders of the worldwide slingshot movement to help Mark bring his designs to the world.

SimpleShot, Exclusive Supplier Of Seljan Slingshots

SimpleShot is very fortunate and proud to become the exclusive supplier of Seljan slingshots. Our partnership with Mark has changed the slingshot world since 2013… stay tuned. The best is yet to come but for now, check out the first exclusive Seljan slingshots in the SimpleShot Seljan series; The Stylus and The Slant!

The Stylus Revolve    &    The Slant Roller

The Stylus Keeper Pro    &    The Slant Press Pro

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  • Edward Gomez
    Nov 17, 2022 at 10:29

    Loved the interview with Mark. Bought the Slant Press Pro immediately and am awaiting its delivery. My question is, is there an estimated date of the next phase of the Seljin Series? Any hint which frames will be included?


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