Wrap and Tuck Manual

FlipClip X. Ocularis. Wrap and Tuck. 

All SimpleShot slingshots use one of these methods to attach the bands to the frame. In this manual, we'll go over the good old wrap and tuck method in detail.

Get to know your Slingshot

You cannot properly set up your slingshot using wrap and tuck if you don't understand your frame. All slingshot frames have a shooter side and a target side. Let's look at how to identify the shooter or target side on an Axiom Champ.

Identify the Shooter Side of the Frame

This is the side of the slingshot that faces you when you shoot the slingshot. This side has the SimpleShot logo.

Identify the Target Side of the Frame

The target side faces the target when shooting. The target side has band grooves, "SIMPLE-SHOT.COM," and "AXIOM CHAMP."

Flat bands ALWAYS attach to the TARGET side of the slingshot frame and are pulled AROUND the frame to you as you shoot. So make sure you know your slingshot well. 

How to install your bandset onto your slingshot

The frame doesn't matter. The process is the same whether you are installing on a natural frame (fork) or a Hammer! Follow these steps to master the wrap and tuck method on any slingshot!

Step 1.

Cut off a ~10" strip of tie-in tape from the supplied spool (comes with ~3ft.)

Step 2.

Start your foundation wrap (shown OTT). Stretching hard makes it difficult.

Step 3.

Make two foundation wraps to form a good strong base for your tie-in.

Step 4.

Place the bandset onto the foundation wraps (don't let go of the wraps).

Steps 2 and 3 are optional. These foundation wraps provide two benefits:

1. The bandset will "grip" this foundation, keeping it in place a bit better.
If you are struggling to keep the band set in place, try using the foundation wrap.

2. The foundation wraps hold the tie-in tape in place as you move on to the next steps.
If you are struggling to grip the tape while placing the band, this step will help.

Leave enough excess band to be able to fold the end back up and re-capture it, for extra strength. Use the bottom of the forktip as a guide to make sure you leave enough excess.

Step 5.

Firmly hold the end of the bandset and the foundation wraps as you start your first tie-in wrap.

Step 6.

Keep the tape stretched tight as you begin to make your wraps. Keep it flat for best performance.

Step 7.

Keep stretching and make 2 - 3 tight wraps to firmly capture the bandset into the frame groove.

Step 8.

Now, fold the end of the bandset back up (leave some slack in the fold) to wrap OVER this folded layer.

Keep stretching the tie-in material the whole time you are wrapping. Keep it under tension because the retraction of the tape is what provides the strength of the tie-in method.

Step 9.

Keep stretching as you continue to wrap over the folded end of the bandset. Keep it tight!

Step 10.

Complete 2 firm wraps. Don't loose your grip. If you do, it will come loose and you'll have to start over.

Step 11a. (Thumb method)

Place your thumb firmly on the forktip to hold the band and tie-in as you make 2 more wraps.

Step 11b. (Lanyard method)

You may use your lanyard (or anything that works) and make those 2 wraps.

Step 11 may be completed with anything that allows you to capture the tag end of the tie-in tape and bring it UNDER the final 2 wraps. You may use your thumb, a pair of hemostats / tweezers, your lanyard or anything that lets you pull the tag end through. Be careful to not damage the tape if you do use a tool to capture it.

Step 12a. (thumb method)

Pull the tag end under your thumb to capture the tag end of the tape.

Step 12b. (lanyard method)

Place the tag end through the lanyard loop to capture the tag end.

Step 12c. (tool method)

If using hemostats or tweezers, grab the tag end in the tool.

Step 13.

Whether using your thumb, lanyard or a tool, pull the tag end under the final 2 wraps.

In step 11 - 13, you can use a tool (such as forceps, tweezer, hemostats, or small pliers) or a loop or string/paracord to pull the tag end through. Be careful to not damage the tie-in material as you grip it to pull it through.

Optional thumb method.

When using the thumb method, you can leave the very end of the tape in place and pull the loop through for easy removal. Just pull the tag end to release the tie-in.

One side is done!

When you pull the tag end all the way through (if you used an installed lanyard, you must), you can trim off the excess if you'd like. Not too close!

Test it out!

Complete the other side and give your bands a few careful draws to make sure they are rock-solid and you are ready to shoot!

Here are a few videos to see it in action!

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