Mark is a slingshot enthusiast, plain and simple.  As a native of Hungary, the hobby started in teenage years influenced heavily by his uncle. He competed in archery and won short range Budapest Championship in the nineties- no small feat in a country with such a rich and noble archery heritage. In those times slingshot shooting was a good hobby to hone skills. Mark started his career as a mechanic in various industrial fields, from bicycle mechanics through water pump maintenance to fire extinguisher control and repair.  After five years spent in maintenance he decided to head back to school. Now, he has a doctorate in arts with a master degree in industrial design. Currently, Mark is working as an associate professor in Budapest, Hungary and teaches design and 3D art. As a freelancer he is working in movie industry and industrial design, specialized in 3D printing, virtual prototyping, and product design.  We are very proud to have Mark on Team SimpleShot!

“Making a slingshot and shooting it is always a good moment to look back to my past. When I create something that is – to me – like a discussion with the material and forms. Hands can remember everything. It’s a confession. Lining up with the target just holds time still. Then a conversation starts between you and the target, through muscle, rubber and frame. I am amazed how many slingshot shooters speak this same language. It’s easy to start shooting slingshots. I love this fact, but even better that there is no end if you want to develop your skills. The biggest challenge is to know yourself and compete with your own limits, and you can do it with pure fun.”