SimpleShot Clay Ammo

 The Biodegradable Alternative to Steel Ammo

June 09, 2023


Say hello to biodegradable clay slingshot ammo from SimpleShot. Perfect for environmentally-conscious shooting enthusiasts, shooters who don't like gathering up steel ammo, outdoorsmen and campers alike.

Are you tired of cleaning up or leaving steel ammo behind at the shooting range? Do you want to be more environmentally conscious with your slingshot shooting? SimpleShot Clay Slingshot Ammo is for you. Our biodegradable clay ammunition is the perfect solution for those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to steel ammo or those who just don't want to bother with cleaning up steel to re-shoot. 

But check this out. Sure, it's biodegradable, so you can leave it behind, but it's also magnetic – yeah, we literally add magic dust to it (it's iron) – making it easy to clean up with a magnet if you do want to reuse your clay. 

  • "GREAT STUFF! I use these clay balls almost exclusively with all my SimpleShot slingshots. They're consistently round and fly great. What little I can't recover from my backyard shooting box simply melts away in the next rain. Will always keep a steady supply on hand!"

    – Charlie K

Our Top 7 Reasons to Choose Clay Slingshot Ammo

1. Environmental Consciousness

As a company that cares deeply about responsibility, it's important to consider the impact we have on the world around us. That's why we're proud to offer clay slingshot ammo - the most eco-friendly option for those who love to shoot. Not only is it biodegradable, but in our tests, we found that it dissolves in water in less than 30 minutes. That means you can shoot to your heart's content, without leaving behind any non-biodegradable materials. So go ahead, enjoy your favorite hobby without worrying about the impact it might have on the environment. With our clay slingshot ammo, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're doing your part to take care of our planet and you're not missing out on a thing.

Shoot to your heart's content. A good rain or two later and that clay ammo is gone. No trace.

Dissolves in 30 minutes!

2. Cost-Effectiveness

You can reuse clay ammo when using the correct catch box (more on that in a bit). But since our clays cost just over a penny a piece when purchased in bulk, you don't have to worry about leaving it behind. Shooting it and forgetting it is a big part of the fun of clay. No clean up. With its economical price and ability to reuse if you want, clay ammo is a perfect choice for adding fun to your budget.

Want to make the most of your clays and collect your rounds in a catch box? When you do, you'll shoot them over and over. If so, you'll love this next one . . .

3. Magnetic

A first in the slingshot world, our clay ammo is not only biodegradable, but it is also magnetic (that is, it can be picked up with a magnet)! We add iron dust to the clay when it's being made to make it attracted to a magnet, making it easy to clean up if you do want to reuse your clay.

Making your own catch box

A quick tip about that catch box:

Clay ammo is not designed to be as hard as steel of course – this IS this point – so your catch box needs to incorporate a nice soft landing if you're hoping to reuse your clay ammo. Clays WILL break, so if you are making a catch box for your range that will collect clays, make sure your backstop is nice and soft. We recommend hanging some cloth loosely in the back of the catch box. An old t-shirt works perfectly. Make sure it's hanging loosely!

Watch our video on making a catch box from a cardboard box here.

Shoot your clay ammo with our best selling slingshots.


4. It erupts!

Sure, clay ammo is strong enough to hold up when shot against a soft catch box material (as described above), but when you shoot it against something hard (be careful) it smashes into a little cloud of dust! 

Clays will irrupt against a hard surface at even low velocity. It does not take a lot of speed to get them to rupture on contact. In our testing, when we were shooting at about 250 ft./s, they were practically vaporizing against a concrete block. There was just a clump of clay dust, where there was impact, and a literal cloud of dust would show on impact.

Few things are more rewarding in slingshots than smashing clays!

5. Perfect for practice

Clay ammo requires minimal banding. The bandset that we recommend for 5/16" steel is just right for shooting clay. Tune it up and you'll shoot clay at 250 feet per second with a light draw.

How light? SimpleShot premium latex with hurl clay ammo with enough speed to smash it with a vengeance with just a 7 - 8 pound draw!

That means you can shoot all day and never get tired.

Clay is also perfect for practice because it is small. The 9mm rounds are a great practice size. Combine the small size of the round with the lightweight bands you use to shoot it fast and you've got a slingshot setup that lets you get on target quickly. Practice makes perfect, so clay lets you get to your goals fast!

Clay's Perfect Match:

Sale Off
Target Flat Bands (5/16

What is the best slingshot ammo?

Bottom line, make sure your ammo is as close to perfectly spherical as possible and shoot appropriately based on the ammo selection.

Watch our video answering this question here.

6. It's light. 

As in, it really doesn't weigh much. Clay ammo is lighter than steel ammo.

Taking your slingshot with you on a hike or camping trip? Of course you are. 

When it comes to what ammo you pack, clay is the winner. It packs light (and as stated many times, it's the perfect choice for outdoors, since it's literally dirt!). There's no better option if you're headed out into the great outdoors and want to get some shooting in!

7. It's safe. 

Safety is always the most important thing when it comes to shooting. 

Clay is a great choice for beginner shooters. Should you get a fork hit, the clay will not damage your frame as steel would. We recommend retiring any frame that has taken a hit from a steel shot. If you hit your frame with clay, it will not ruin your frame. In fact, it won't even leave a dent. And, as mentioned above, clay breaks up on impact with hard surfaces, so ricochets are unlikely.

No matter which type of slingshot ammo you use, it's essential to always abide by the basic rules of gun safety. Never point your slingshot at anyone, and always wear protective eyewear when shooting. Always practice basic firearm safety protocols even if you're just having fun with a slingshot. By doing so, you can make sure that all your shooting sessions remain safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

No matter what you're shooting, SimpleShot Clay Slingshot Ammo has something for you. It's eco-friendly, cost-effective, magnetic, erupts on impact, is perfect for practice, it is light to transport, and a top choice for safety. Shooters who don't want to gather steel ammo and those looking for an environmentally conscious alternative will love this biodegradable clay ammo. 

Best of all, we want your order to be hassle free - that's why each order including our clay ammo will receive a FREE mesh carry bag and there are three quantities available; 

Sample (100 pieces)

Regular (500 pieces)

Multiple bag options (1000 & 2000 rounds). 

Sporting a drawstring and strong canvas, the free mesh bag is the perfect way to take clay on the go.

Ready to give it a try? Shop now on our website for our eco friendly clay ammo! Pick up some today and get out there and enjoy!

Order your biodegradable clay ammo today at and start discovering why people love shooting clay so much.