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Oct 18, 2022


Today is the Scout slingshot's tenth birthday. Officially launched October 18th, 2012, the Scout has done more for the world of slingshots than any other. While there was no Scout LT, FlipClips or even the XT name on anyone's mind 10 years ago, the original Scout changed everything,

TIMELINE: The history of the Scout Slingshot

October 09, 2012

SimpleShot announces a new slingshot is coming soon.

This video dropped October 9th, 2012 with the simple description:

"It's coming. And you really don't want to miss it."

This is before SimpleShot even had a YouTube channel, so you'll notice that this announcement of the most important slingshot release ever was made on the FlippinOut Slingshots channel before the SimpleShot Slingshots channel was started in August of 2014.

October 18, 2012

The Scout Slingshot is released.

This was the day everyone had been waiting for.

Finally, a quality slingshot, designed by a slingshot master (pun intended), was being made at scale. A FlippinOut (SimpleShot founder, Nathan Masters' original slingshot brand) slingshot at the time, the Scout was released and the slingshot world would never be the same. (A few years later, FlippinOut stopped producing as a separate brand and SimpleShot became the only brand.)

The Scout was released and it blew the minds of the slingshot world. 

Now, anyone could own a Masters designed slingshot with cutting edge (at the time) latex, universal forktips to shoot OTT or TTF, an ergonomic, rubber grip and holes for slingshot tubes.

The world of slingshots has never been the same.

July 7, 2014

Gen 2: The Scout Slingshot is updated.

Two years later, the Scout got an upgrade.

After taking the slingshot world by storm (practically everyone was suddenly shooting the Scout, but the slingshot world was a LOT smaller back then), the Scout received a major and groundbreaking upgrade in 2014.

Now, the Scout (still not XT) came with FlipClips. And this changed everything . . .


For the first time, a slingshot could be banded OTT (over the top) and TTF (through the forks) with the turn of a screw. FlipClips have been upgraded since and there are other options now, but it was the Scout that brought this idea to the world back in 2014.

Simply put, the Scout has led the way in the Slingshot world for 10 years now.

The many colors of the Scout slingshot over the years.

September 12, 2019

XT / LT: The Scout LT is introduced.

And the original Scout becomes The Scout XT Slingshot.

When we introduced the new Scout, we needed names to keep them distinct. So we added an "XT" to the name of the original Scout in 2019 to keep them separate.

The new Scout LT changed everything all over again. With removable palm swells, universal FlipClip X (no left and right components to the clip), and even an optional handle weight, the thinner, smaller, lighter Scout LT quickly became the most popular slingshot in our lineup . . .

And also in the world.

The Scout has grown to a whole line of slingshots and accessories.

The XT and LT are still going strong. Both slingshots have done so much for the world of slingshots, it would be difficult to overstate their importance.