ECST 2019 (What we learned)
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ECST 2019 (What we learned)

Jun 05, 2019

ECST 2019 is here and done. And we learned a lot.

First of all, slingshots are amazing. This weekend is all about the community of slingshots getting together and experience of the joy of slingshots. Tournaments are always about fun and the slingshot community sure has a lot of it! At Team SimpleShot, we are ALL about the joy of slingshots. If you can ever make it to a tourney, go for it (no matter your skill level).

Second, there's always a winner. Nathan placed third this year (more on this later) after taking first for the past 4 years. Congratulations to team SimpleShot – taking 3 of the top 5 spots! And congratulations to the overall winner, Bill Hays! Way to go!

Team SimpleShot winners:

Second Place: Zach Fowler (SimpleShot dealer)

Third Place: Nathan Masters (SimpleShot founder)

Fifth Place: Tim Foster

Also, Tim won the Eagle Eye competition again this year.

Great job Team!

Third, lessons learned. If you follow our YouTube channel, you know that Nathan has been experimenting with lighter bands and smaller ammo lately. This all worked fine as Nathan had the top spot locked up . . . 

. . . until the speed shoot (something Nathan usually OWNS).

And here's the thing. If you've heard us give shooting advice, you'll hear it all the time: 

"Shoot what you're comfortable with. What's best for someone else might not be best for you."

Well, this year, Nathan's third place finish demonstrated that perfectly. Trying new things worked out until the speed shoot. The level of comfort was not there, and Nathan lost 16 points during the speed shoot (the gap to first was only 11 points).

You couldn't ask for a better sport than our own Nathan, but you also can't deny the lesson:

Shoot what works for you. Shoot what you're comfortable with.

If you've ever seen Nathan shoot you know that when shooting what he's comfortable with, he is lights out at speed shooting (with that instinctive excellence).

The band experimentation took that edge away and meant the difference between first and third.

The takeaway? Glad you asked.

1. Have FUN! No competition can take that away!

2. Congrats to every one (and we're super proud of the SimpleShot community).

3. Shoot what you're comfortable with!

All the best.

Team SimpleShot

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