The 45 Degree Slingshot Hold
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The 45 Degree Slingshot Hold

Mar 29, 2021

What about the halfway position between horizontal and vertical frame holds? Some of you may have noticed that Nathan hold his slingshot at approximately 45°, neither a true vertical or horizontal slingshot hold. Funny thing is, Nathan doesn't shoot the way he recommends anyone should shoot. He does not shoot with his dominant eye, and he does not hold his slingshot parallel to the ground.

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So what is up with the 45 degree frame hold?

Nathan would also tell you that he doesn't necessarily aim and that he doesn't necessarily shoot instinctively. Nathan's style of slingshot shooting actually comes from his experience in archery, particularly shooting the longbow. Most longbow shooters hold the bow with a little bit of a cant and it is from this experience that Nathan continues to shoot his slingshot at approximately a 45° angle. Also a direct result of longbow shooting, Nathan's style of shooting is more about watching the flight of the projectile an impact with the target. So Nathan would say there's not really aiming taking place when he shoots, but holding the slingshot frame at a 45° angle is where he is most comfortable and therefore where he is most efficient.

Instead of aiming, Nathan focuses solely on the flight of the projectile and the point of impact. There's lots to be said and you can find plenty of arguing about these different types of shooting. But like we always say whatever works best for you is best for you.

As always, find the style and procedure that is repeatable and consistent for you. We don't recommend using this method if you are seeking accuracy quickly and seeking the most direct path to slingshot marksmanship. But it is a challenge and it's a lot of fun.

So the key to the style of shooting is extreme consistency with equipment and focus on the target and the point of impact. This is not the best way to achieve accuracy or the easiest or the fastest, but it is absolutely achievable. Is it best for you?

If you're having fun and you're up for a challenge, go for it. If you want the fastest and most direct route to slingshot accuracy, follow Nathan's instruction in his class.

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  • Janet Baker
    May 30, 2023 at 18:49

    Hi! I watched the 45 degree hold video because I’m having trouble and thought there might be something there to help (new Ocularis owner, at 80 years old). I have cross dominance sight. Left eye, right hand. If I use my right hand to pull back the pouch, I have to keep both eyes open and the target kind of comes in and out—I wait for the left to take over for a second and go for it). If I use my left hand to pull back, my left eye takes over, I can see the path down the band, it’s better. But my left hand and arm are not as strong and as sure. Do you have a recommendation for me? (Am using clay ammo, TTF, slingshot turned on its side.)


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