Fiber Optic Sights on a Slingshot: Gimmick or Great?
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Fiber Optic Sights on a Slingshot: Gimmick or Great?

Mar 24, 2021

Do fiber optic sights help slingshot accuracy, or are they just a gimmick?

First, let's understand sites in regard to slingshots. This is an entirely different thing on a slingshot versus say, a firearm or a bow. Most slingshot shooters who successfully use fiber optic sights on the slingshot would actually not call them sites, but rather an aiming reference point. And we agree with this term, because that's exactly what they are. A site in the traditional meaning of the term requires two locked down reference points to aim your project tile along a guaranteed path that is tied to the site. For example on a firearm, the barrel forms the line with two endpoints that are permanently fixed in their relationship to the sight (or even the scope). Same with archery. The arrow is the "aiming line" and it runs along the path between the draw hand and the tip of the arrow, the arrow resting on the bow frame.

This consistency simply does not exist in slingshot shooting.

There is no fixed line between the draw hand and the point projectile exits the system. Both hands can move independently when shooting a slingshot. This is what makes slingshot shooting so challenging but it also is what allows the slingshot to be so portable. There is no barrel or arrow. The projectile is in flight as soon as it leaves the pouch (no barrel).

And while we're here, we all understand that a laser could never work to aim a slingshot, right? :)

So the answer is that fiber optic sights on a slingshot are definitely not a gimmick. We understand your question though. A fiber optic sight will never allow one person to "sight in" a slingshot and then hand it to someone else who can blast the target because the slingshot has been sighted in. This simply is not possible because of the reasons mentioned above.

However, fiber optic sights are excellent reference points for shooting a slingshot. It is up to you to improve your release hand by working on your anchor point and release. That is where the accuracy will come in based on the reference point on your slingshot. Your reference point may be part of your actual slingshot frame or band that you are familiar with or you may have a fiber optic site on your slingshot frame that you use as a reference point.

Fiber optic sights are fantastic and slingshot shooting because they gather light and give your eyes something to focus on. So no, they're not a gimmick. But we do not need to understand that they are reference points, not really sights at all.

As we always say, what works best for you is best for you! If fiber optic sights help you shoot your slingshot better, go for it. If you are wondering, give it a try. If they don't work for you, don't worry about it!

Have fun!

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