How should I store slingshot latex?
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How should I store slingshot latex?

Mar 04, 2021

We received several questions on the topic of storing slingshot latex this time around, but the basic question was:

What is the best way to store slingshot latex / how to store slingshot latex?

This question also came to us in a different form which was asking if the refrigerator is the best place to store a slingshot latex.

Backing up, We have to acknowledge that historically slingshot latex was a pretty sensitive product that needed special care to avoid serious degradation. We have exercise elastics, namely Thera band latex, to thank for the great improvements in this area in recent years. While Thera band is not the best choice for slingshot latex anymore, it was exercise latex that pave the way for the modern slingshot latex that is so superior.

So when it comes to storing slingshot latex, we just need to remember that latex has three main sources of degradation:

  1. UV light and heat
  2. Ozone
  3. Petrochemicals

So the main goal of all slingshot latex storage is to keep it away from these potential sources of degradation.

Since slingshot latex is made of a natural product and is therefore degrading from the moment it is produced, the proper storage of the slingshot latex keeps that degradation as slow as possible.

If you have ever left a slingshot in the hot car, for example, you know very well just how quickly those slingshot vans can degrade. Keeping slingshot latex out of light (UV light) and the heat it produces is the number one way to increase the longevity of your slingshot latex.

We store and ship all our slingshot band sets from SimpleShot in a sealed Amber bag. The bag is airtight and UV light protected to keep the slingshot latex in your bandsets as fresh as possible when you receive them.

So, yes, you can keep your slingshot latex and band sets in the refrigerator. It is a place where your band sets will not be exposed to UV light, heat, ozone, or petrochemicals. The question is, do you want to have to fetch your slingshot latex from the refrigerator? :-)

Keeping your band sets in the bags in which we send them is sufficient. The bags are resistant to UV light and since they are sealed, oone and petrochemicals will not be an issue. Just keep them in a cool place in the sealed bag and you are all set.

By the way, do you know that smell that you perceive near a busy printer? That's the ozone it's putting out. Arizona is simply three oxygen is bonded together and it is a pretty fragile chemical structure. So you are less likely to have ozone issues with bands at storage. Either way, keeping them in the sealed bag is the way to go.

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