How do I decide which slingshot to buy?
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How do I decide which slingshot to buy?

Mar 08, 2021

"How do I decide which slingshot to buy? There are so many!"

It's true. There are so many slingshots available on the market. And that really is a big part of the joy of slingshots. The funny thing is it is also true that if you stick to one slingshot and one bandset, you will surely see more consistent accuracy than you would if you decided to buy several slingshots and use several slingshots.

But as most of us know, once you are into slingshots you can't help but by several different slingshots. Part of the fun of slingshot shooting is enjoying all the small differences in each frame. You've got slingshot frames that are ambidextrous, slingshot frames that are specific to one hand, slingshots in colors, slingshots in black, there's a slingshot in every style imaginable.

And part of the fun is trying them all out.

There are a few things to keep in mind, especially when you are choosing your first slingshot.

When you are choosing which slingshot to buy, consider these points:

  1. Don't be obsessed over slingshot power.
  2. Give slingshots with flat bands a try.
  3. Use a slingshot with a wider fork gap.
  4. Learn how slingshots work.

It doesn't matter how fast you missed your target. If you are missing because you can't control the bands, you're shooting the wrong slingshot. (Or maybe we should say you are shooting the wrong bands.)

Sure, flat bands might not last as long as tubes, but the combination of velocity and light draw weight make flat bands the perfect choice over tube band sets.

A pickle fork is not the best slingshot to learn on! A wider forecast will be much more forgiving especially for a beginner slingshot shooter with an under developed pouch release.

Learn how slingshots work before you choose your sling shot. Don't use the slingshot that's best for you until you know how slingshots function. When you understand how slingshots work, you won't be tempted to buy a slingshot with gadgets and devices that will not help you at all. In fact, buying a slingshot with lasers will do much more harm than good.

When looking for the best slingshot to buy, look for a reputable manufacturer, choose a slingshot with flat bands, do not overpower your sling shot with heavy bands, use spherical ammo, and make sure you understand how a slingshot works before you buy a slingshot.

A great slingshot to start with is the Scout XT. This is the slingshot we usually recommend for starting off. The Scout XT slingshot has a nice stable handle and palm swell for a solid purchase. The slingshot accommodates several grips.

Any slingshot from SimpleShot is a great choice. The only slingshot we might not recommend you buy would be the Flippin Pickle unless you are an experienced slingshot shooter.

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