How can I get tighter grouping and more accuracy?

In this video, we delve into the nuances of achieving consistency in slingshot shooting, addressing Michael's concerns about the balance between skill and luck in each shot.

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Michael from California, an ardent shooter and enthusiast of marksmanship disciplines, raises a pertinent question related to the inconsistency he experiences in slingshot shooting. His inquiry revolves around the oscillation between seemingly skillful and lucky shots, wondering if the journey of slingshot shooting, akin to golf and air gunning, comes with its fair share of ebbs and flows.

The Importance of Consistency

Michael’s journey resonates with most shooters; it’s a fluctuating experience marked by highs of precision and lows of missed shots. These fluctuations can be attributed to a myriad of factors, such as slight alterations in form or external physical conditions, perhaps a result of sleeping wrong the night before. Such nuances can skew the alignment, causing discrepancies in shots even for seasoned shooters. This inconsistency is not exclusive to slingshots; it also permeates other shooting disciplines like pistols and bows.

The Pursuit of Consistency: A Disciplined Approach

The pursuit of consistency in slingshot shooting can indeed be frustrating, but a disciplined approach can alleviate some of these concerns. The essence of achieving consistency lies in disciplined practice and deliberate focus. It’s essential to engage in target practice sessions with a known band set, known size ammo, and at a known distance. Utilizing paper plates as targets can offer insights into your grouping. Placing a dot in the middle and focusing your shots towards it allows you to analyze the groupings and understand the level of consistency achieved.

Focusing on Grouping Rather than Precision

When indulging in practice sessions, it’s vital not to fixate solely on hitting the bullseye. Instead, emphasis should be placed on achieving good groups. If your shots are grouping well, you are on the right path to cultivating consistency. However, if the shots are off-mark or scattered, it necessitates a revisit to your form and other contributing elements.

A Journey Marked by Enjoyment and Learning

For enthusiasts like Michael, who find joy in the world of shooting and marksmanship, the journey may occasionally feel erratic. On some days, everything seems to align perfectly, while on others, the shots seem to miss the mark. However, it’s crucial to remember that these are inherent parts of the learning curve. By maintaining a balanced perspective, focusing on enjoying the process, and learning, one can embark on a fulfilling journey marked by continuous improvement.


The journey of slingshot shooting is, indeed, peppered with days of triumph and days of learning. It is essential to approach this journey with a combination of discipline, focus, and a sense of enjoyment. By emphasizing consistent practice, focusing on grouping over precision, and maintaining a relentless pursuit of learning, shooters can navigate the fluctuations and continue to hone their skills in slingshot shooting. Keep the questions coming, Michael, and continue to enjoy your pursuit of marksmanship!

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