Flippin' Pickle

Flippin' Pickle

Expert Use Only. Not for beginners. Frame only. No bandsets included.

You've been asking . . . waiting . . . And now it's finally here!

The Flippin' Pickle is SimpleShot's very first PFS!

Based on Nathan's personal favorite PFS (made many years ago), the Flippin' Pickle is named after the original handmade slingshot company – FlippinOut Slingshots – founded by Nathan.

We've said it once and we'll say it again. This is an expert level slingshot. If you're new to slingshots, DO NOT BUY THIS SLINGSHOT! We won't be answering many questions about this one, because it's only for people who are very well versed in slingshots and know how to use a PFS!

Want to know more?

Watch this video to learn the story of this slingshot and what it takes to shoot one.

The Flippin' Pickle comes frame ONLY. Molded in super-tough thermoplastics to SimpleShot quality standards at the same factory in China that makes our slingshot latex for a lifetime of use.
Expert shooters only.

Want to know even more?

Our friend and PFS expert Darrin Cook made this video (with special guest) about the even more historic history of the Flippin' Pickle! Enjoy!