Tune your bands.

Find the performance you are looking for.

• Feeling as though your bands are lacking power?

• Frustrated with the trajectory of your shots?

• Want more *thump* when you hit a target?

Tune your bands to fit YOU and unlock the potential of your bands.

In this video we use "The Slingshot Canon" to demonstrate just how much power you can get out of your bands with just a simple tuning. 

The following video is a six-minute overview of how to tune your bands.

If any of the above are issues you've experienced, don't miss this video.

You can always just cut the tips of your bands off, but if you really want to tune your bands specifically for you, this video is for you.

You will NOT believe the difference when you tune your bands!

We've made a lot of videos about this.


Because it's something that so many people don't understand. So if you really want the MOST out of your bandset  . . .

and your bandset is the lifeblood of your slingshot . . .

then kick back and watch all these videos on band tuning: draw length and how to measure it, active band length and how to put it all together to tune your bands for performance!