International Slingshot Day

2023 Tribute Page

International slingshot day is a tribute to the people who mean the most to us in the world of slingshots. The challenge for International Slingshot Day was to think of the one person who influenced you most in your journey into slingshots, and give a tribute to that person.

Here are your International Slingshot Day Tributes

"Thank you Zach Fowler for introducing me to slingshots and being so supportive along the way. I can't put into words how much I appreciate you reaching out and I will never forget your wonderful words of encouragement."


"My father, Thomas Bongiorno"

-Parke Bongiorno

"Hello, My name Is Jack Stoner and I would like to say my father Arthur Stoner introduced me to slingshots back in 1954. He always carried one on his trapline and used it to take rabbits and any problem animals he ran into. He was a very kind man and loved nature and the joys of hunting seasons. He instilled this to me. He grew up very poor in southern indiana as his father died when he was two years old. He was taught to hunt and trap as a young boy. With no money for firearms he carried a slingshot and was very good with it by taking rabbits on the run and quail."

-Mr. Jack D. Stoner

"I honour first and foremost Jesus Christ the King of Kings who gave courage to the then little yet to become earthly King David (2nd honour) for defeating Goliath with his slingshot. The first slingshot in recorded history."


"I wish to thank my grandfather Stoney for introducing me to slingshots and Zachary Fowler for showing me how vast, varied, and useful the world of projectiles can be."

-Johnson, B

"My Daddy, Richard Combs. He was born in the mountains of Va. in 1908. They used slingshots to hunt rabbits and squirrels for food. In 1959 he made me my first SS. It was a fork out of an apple tree and rubber from a bicycle tube and a pouch from a shoe tongue. It wasn't powerful by todays standards but every bit as fun. He was actually still pretty good with it. Just this past year I started to shoot again. I'm hooked. I've made 9 slingshots so far and loving it. Although he's been gone many years, he left me with the knowledge of hunting and how to have fun outdoors. He was not only my Daddy but truley my best friend. Thanks Daddy. I still love you."

-Jim Combs

"Nathan from SimpleShot: if it wasn't for you, I would have never thought of getting into slingshots & shooting just for the fun of it - into a target box! Because of your YouTube content, I was intrigued with the idea of starting with your products. So easy to get a slingshot and shooting pellets with your questionnaire and suggestions on SimpleShot website. I picked up this sport so late in my life ( 61 years old). I am still learning. It's been fun because you, Nathan, make it easy suggestions to have fun. Thank you"

-Older lady playing with a slingshot

"Gary "Flatband" Miller is an excellent choice for ISD. For me it was Rufus in 1982 and my big brother who helped me make my first few slingshots. And in 2015 or so I discovered Jorg Sprave on YouTube. And in 2018 I joined The Slingshot Forum and the Slingshot Community Forum. The people who helped me beyond that were Nathan Masters, Bill Hays, and countless Forumites. By 2020 we ourselves a little Slingshot Gathering in Tennessee. But the person I really would like to put forth to honor this year is Toddy. Between him and Gary are some of the best shooting designs ever what we slingers' slung."


"Rufus Hussey is my inspiration."


"I wish to honor my older sister on International Slingshot Day. When I was 9yrs old my buddy and I wanted to make a slingshot. Looking for something stretchy, we found my older sister's training bra. We nailed it onto low branches in my backyard. It was a double barreled affair. The only ammo we could find that flew was tennis balls. Then my mom caught us and sent my friend home. She had me pry it off the tree and bring it in the house. The day was not a total bust. My mom found a good use for that sling-bra and whipped my butt with it. At the time I blamed my sister for the whole ordeal. It had to be her fault for growing a pair. (9 yr old logic) I'm now 68 and still love slingshots. Every now and then I reflect back on that sling-bra but always end up feeling like a boob. Thanks big-sis for getting me into the sport, for your sacrifice and all of your support!"


"Y sigue mi comentario en honor y agradecimiento: A Mark de ATO por su ejemplo de constancia, a Tang Cuong por su creatividad y para mi el mejor y mas rapido tirador instintivo, Chris Graffin de Carnage su seguridad, Alberto de "Resortera Guadalajara" su sinplicidad, Pablo de "Volp" su amor por la vida es contagioso, Hudson Hertz su libertad con responsabilidad y su ejemplo de union familiar, al creador de youtube de "Takin' Shots" como vivir tranquilo, y por supuesto a mi colega en este hermoso deporte Johnatan Olguin por su tenacidad y busqueda de la perfeccion.

A todos los que me han animado, corregido, enseñado y divertido muchas GRACIAS🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😎"

-Jorge Serna  

"Thanks to game keeper John and mone Waller John paltry and Dan laighton"


-Robert Pursley

"Zach Fowler is the Man who got me started with his 30 day survival Texas edition. 1 month after that series came out I wanted to master the art of a shooting a sling shot and I did. Now I have the scout Xt, Hammer, torque and sparrow. Much thanks for the experiences."


"I’d like to honor Zach Fowler. Watched him on Alone and ever since followed his YouTube channel. It ignited a fire to get back into slingshots. I bought my first from his makers and mischief website and have been hooked ever since. Then through Fowler and watching the east coast championships, I found Nathan Masters and signed up for the online course. I have shot almost everyday since and get a ton of joy and relaxation out of slamming Vienna Sausage cans and spinners and whatever else I see (currently enjoy shooting icicles off the house and garage). Thank you to both Zach and Nathan for opening the door to the awesome world of slingshots! I hope to get to meet and compete with you both someday!"

-Jay Davis

"To my father who made my first slingshot from the branch of a tree, flat bland from cycle tubes and pouch from the tongue of a shoe. Wish you could see how far slingshots have come. Love Sid."

-Sid Grewal

"Rufus Hussey and Jorg Sprave are the two that pulled me into it all. I'll have to tribute both of them in some way in a few days."


"Natalie M introduced us to the joys and practicalities of SureShot. THANK YOU!"


"Zachary Fowler"


"Robert Blair would be my pic, to join the ranks of these other fine gentlemen that you've picked. He's also known as the combo sling guy. I was fortunate enough to know Robert and consider him a friend. We spent many hours talking about slingshots. Robert was one of the most knowledgeable men I knew about slingshots. Unfortunately, we lost Robert a few years ago back on July 25th, 2021. I will always have fond memories of our conversations and will always think of him when I'm shooting Slingshots."


"Gamekeeper John for all his you tube information over the years. Inspiring, Helpful and all round good guy. Still relevant after all these years, and the maker of so many people first proper Slingshot."

-Ian Munroe

"Shouts out to JOEY J FIVE and his LBS and the LEGEND DGui AND HIS OPFS! If anyone knows these two you know why (SKILLZ!) although I’ve never owned one of their original slingshots but I have been inspired by these two to make my own slingshot frames and a better shooter . Salute to two of the best to do it ! 🍻 cheers !"


"En este proximo dia internacional de la resortera quiero agradecer a todos las personas entuciastas y apacionadas por este hermoso deporte. Son muchos pero en especial quiero mencionar a quien a influenciado mi andar en esta slingshotmania, como yo la llamo: a mi esposa por aguantar esta locura y no solo eso sino su apollo, al creador de este homenaje; Nathan por la pasion que refleja en esta actividad, Joshua Waters por su frescura,Joerg Sprave su fuerza y su risa lo mejor, John Gamekeeper su tenacidad, Wayne Martin verdadero francotirador, Zachary Fowler su alegria, a GZK por su audacia, continua en otro comentario...😉"


"My tribute goes out to Nathan Masters and Adam from simple-shot, this is because first all of Nathan’s videos have helped very much. Also, a couple weeks ago my scout xt broke! I sent simpleshot a picture of it and telling them how it broke. They helped a lot sending me links to all items to prevent this from happening plus sending me a new slingshot frame. I really want to say thanks to everyone that has helped me progress with slingshots and enjoy the sport."

-Max K

"How could you have an #internationalslingshotday and not honor Dennis the Menace. He more than anyone introduced the slingshot to generations of kids. Most unfortunately "outgrew" slingshots, but a few either never grew up or have miraculously regained their youth with a simple forked stick and some rubber bands (even if both are high tech now, they're still just as simple)."


"Let's not forget Rufus Hussey. Rufus is "the man"."


"I'd seriously like to honor my wife for making our home business work with her amazing business acumen which in turn gave me the opportunity to quit my job and have the time to shoot more and buy the slingshots that I like without worrying how to pay our bills. My wife is amazing"


"I want to give a shout-out to the guy who invented soup cans. We'd all be target poor without him. 😂"


Thank you all for submitting your tribute to us! We're proud to be part of such an amazing community of slingshot enthusiasts.