FlipClip™ Torque

Band Installation

This vand installation guide will go over setup of your Torque slingshot with FlipClips, and give you the knowledge to make sure you safely and correctly use your Torque slingshot.

The Torque slingshot has been loved by the world for many years now.
It used to be a dedicated tube shooter until we made FlipClips X! Now, you can attach flat bands in a flash with the amazing FlipClip X! The Torque FlipClips have a distinct left and right component and a special fastener to help the clip seat itself centered in the hole of the frame.

Get to know your Torque FlipClip setup and get installed properly for easy and secure bandset installations!

Get to know FlipClips™ for your Torque™

Every FlipClip has a "tooth."

This upper side of the clip has a "tooth" perfectly machined to fit your Torque.

Left and Right Components.

The logos engraved on each clip will show you which is which.

Flip Clip Orientation.

The logos should be on the INSIDE of the fork with the bands over the top.

The Shooter Side

The Torque can literally be held in any direction with either hand. The Shooter side is whichever side is facing YOU when you're shooting.

The Target Side

The side of the Torque that's facing the target when you shoot whether held left or right handed, right side up or down.

FlipClip X™ for Torque™

The Torque now comes with FlipClips for attaching virtually ANY bandset you'd like.

Switch Tubes in seconds

Originally a dedicated tube shooter, the Torque is still king of the hill for easy tube changes. Just stretch and pop the tube through the slot.

OTT (Over The Top)

The Torque is a dedicated OTT (Over The Top) shooter. The wide fork-tips accommodate large band-sets.

The Lanyard

A simple piece of paracord that attaches to the handle of your Torque frame and secures the slingshot to your frame-holding hand.

Do not shoot stones or rocks from any slingshot.

Rocks - no matter how round they look – shoot erratically and shooting them may damage your slingshot and bands.

Due to the uncontrollable nature of shooting non-spherical projectiles, shooting a rock from a SimpleShot slingshot voids any / all warranties.


Install the Lanyard

It is critical to always have the lanyard securely wrapped around the wrist when shooting. Serious injury can result from improper use, so make sure you ALWAYS install and use the lanyard when shooting your slingshot!

STEP 1. Thread one end of the lanyard through the hole in the end of the Scout frame

STEP 2. Tie a simple overhand knot with BOTH tag ends of the lanyard.

STEP 3. Pull tightly to secure the knot (adjust the position of the knot to vary size of the lanyard.

STEP 4. Check the lanyard to make sure it is secure. 

ALWAYS wear the lanyard securely when shooting! The lanyard should firmly but not tight. It should be secure enough to prevent the frame from ever slipping from your hand.

Installing Flat Bands On Your Torque™ Slingshot

The Torque Slingshot is designed to shoot Tubes and Flat Bands OTT (Over The Top).

Step 1.

Place FlipClip with logos facing IN and "tooth" edge in the frame groove.

Step 2.

Thread the fastener JUST until it catches.

Step 3.

Place the band into the groove of the frame and under the "tooth" of the FlipClip.

Step 4.

Tighten down the fastener. The FlipClip is very strong and will hold when just hand tight.

ATTENTION: In step 4, Do NOT over-tighten. Be careful to not damage the band material as tighten your FlipClips.

And now, watch the video to see the FlipClipsX in action!

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Torque™ come with everything I need to shoot?

Absolutely. It comes with a lanyard, two powerful bandsets, and a pair of FlipClipsX to attach them to the frame. Everything you need to shoot is included. You supply the ammo.

What bandset comes with my Torque™ slingshot?

Any slingshot that is supplied with Slingshot Flatband Bandsets, come with (2) of the 7/16"/11mm steel ammo size bandset. This size has the most adaptability/versatility for the common slingshot ammo sizes available.

Your Torque™ was designed to also shoot Tubular Bands, however, they are NOT included with your Torque™ Slingshot.

What is different about the FlipClip X?

The original FlipClip is made from plastic and uses a self tapping screw. The FlipClipX is made from anodized aluminum and sports a threaded machine screw.