FlipClips Hammer 

Band Installation

This band installation guide covers FlipClips X and The Hammer XT Head with our exclusive FlipClip X band attachment and conversion between slingbow and slingshot in one head. 

Shown here in Scout LT, but the process is identical.

This is the SimpleShot Guide to installing slingshot bands using our FlipClipsX on the Hammer XT Slingshot. This is a similar process for any other FlipClipsX Slingshot models - made to accommodate both OTT (Over The Top) and TTF (Through The Forks) shooting style configurations. We recommend only using the SimpleShot FlipClips that came with your slingshot to secure your bands.

The FlipClip band attachment method is one of the simplest slingshot banding process since the FlipClip can be tightened and loosened without removing them from your slingshot frame. Simply loosen up the clip where the installation will be taking place. Make sure that you have enough room to insert the end of the band. Insure that the inside of the pouch is facing up as you place the band in the grove, creating a trough back from the target side of the slingshot, knowing that it will pull over the top of the forks. Once your bands are in place, tighten up the clip finger tight - and finger tight is just fine, you do not need to over tighten because you can damage the bands if you get too tight. Make sure your FlipClips are snug and that your bands have no twists for a proper over-the-top or through-the-forks band configuration with SimpleShot FlipClips and your Hammer XT.

For added performance, tune your bands by cutting them to match your draw length. If you don't know how to tune your bands, please
check out our tutorial on our website or youtube to make sure your bands are tuned properly.


Step 1. 

 Choose your preferred band configuration (OTT or TTF) and line up your FlipClipsX™ accordingly.

NOTE: There are no left / right difference in FlipClip X for Hammer.

Step 2. 

 Carefully fasten the FlipClipX™ to your frame. Take care to ensure the screw is installed straight into the hole to avoid cross threading and keep it loose for now to leave room to insert your bands.

Step 3.

Place your band all the way into the FlipClipX™ and hold the FlipClipX™ firmly to keep the band in place.


Tighten the fastener the rest of the way.

No need to over tighten. Just snug is just right.

In step 4, No need to over tighten. Just snug is just right. Be careful to not damage the band as you tighten the FlipClip.


All Hammer XT Heads fit the XT Handle, and use Heavy Slingbow Tubes or FlipClipsX.

XT Head

Shown in slingbow configuration.

XT Head

Shown in slingshot configuration.

XT Handle

Receives all XT and LT heads.


Just a simple rotation of FlipClip X™ converts from TTF to OTT

FlipClip X™ installed OTT (Over the Top)

FlipClip X™ installed TTF (Through the Forks)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Hammer parts fit each other?

A common question we hear is: "Does the new Hammer XT Head fit my original handle?" The answer is YES!

The beauty of the Hammer is that it's a platform for building your slingshot. All parts are interchangeable. If you have a Hammer part, it works seamlessly with the others due to our patented attachment system!

Which Hammer should I get?

The Handle – XT or LT?
✅The XT handle is built for the most power.
With the integrated wrist brace, you can pull back heavy bands.

✅The LT handle is build for small size.
Still accommodates hammer grip, but the handle is much smaller and does NOT integrate with the wrist brace.

NOTE: If you want to shoot arrows, choose the XT handle.

The Head– XT or LT?
✅The XT head uses FlipClips or single-strand tubes.
FlipClips attach practically any bandset with a turn of a screw.
The tapered holes in the XT head allow the use of single strand tubes. One head converts between slingbow and slingshot mode.

✅The LT head is compact and uses Ocularis plugs.
Ocularis plugs are a super-simple attachment method accommodating OTT, TTF and everything in-between.
LT heads are built to be EITHER slingshot or slingbow.