The Axiom Ocularis™ 

Owner's Manual

The Axiom Ocularis is a slingshot based on the famous Axiom frame combined with the Ocularis™ band attachment system.

This owner's manual will go over setup of your slingshot and knowledge to make sure you safely and correctly use your new Axiom Ocularis™ slingshot.

Get to know your Axiom Ocularis™ Slingshot

This owners manual will go over setup of your Axiom Ocularis™ Slingshot, and show you how to safely and properly set up and use your slingshot.

Keep scrolling for the video owners manual that covers setup demonstration!

The Shooter Side

This is the side of the Axiom Slingshot that will face you as you shoot.

The Target Side

This is the side of the Axiom that will face the target as you shoot.

Ocularis™ Plugs

The Ocularis™ plugs hold the bandset to the forktips in OTT or TTF configuration.

OTT (Over The Top)

Band orientation where you shoot the ammo over the top of the forks. (Ocularis™ holds the band to the TOP of the frame.)

TTF (Through The Forks)

Band orientation where you shoot the ammo through the forks. (Ocularis™ holds the band to the SIDE of the frame.)

The Lanyard

A simple piece of paracord that attaches to the handle of your Axiom frame and secures the slingshot to your frame-holding hand.


Step one: Install the Lanyard

Setting up the frame - Installing the lanyard

It is critical to always have the lanyard securely wrapped around the wrist when shooting.

STEP 1. Thread one end of the lanyard through the hole in the end of the Scout frame

STEP 2. Tie a simple overhand knot with BOTH tag ends of the lanyard.

STEP 3. Pull tightly to secure the knot (adjust the position of the knot to vary size of the lanyard.

STEP 4. Check the lanyard to make sure it is secure. 

ALWAYS wear the lanyard securely when shooting! The lanyard should firmly but not tight. It should be secure enough to prevent the frame from ever slipping from your hand.

Get to know Ocularis™ Plugs for your Axiom

Flatband Installation

Plugs install on SHOOTER SIDE. Bands wrap AROUND the frame.

Tubular Bands Installation

Plugs install on TARGET SIDE. Bands pull THROUGH the frame.

Seat the bearing

The bearing should be seated half way through the plug.

Do not shoot stones or rocks from any slingshot.

Rocks - no matter how round they look – shoot erratically and shooting them may damage your slingshot and bands.

Due to the uncontrollable nature of shooting non-spherical projectiles, shooting a rock from a SimpleShot slingshot voids any / all warranties.

Step two: Install your Flat Bands or Tubes

First, decide whether you will be installing your bands OTT or TTF. Don't know which to use? Try both, starting with OTT.

Installing Flat Bands On Your Axiom

Step 1.

Place bandset into the Ocularis™ frame. Leave 1/2 inch of band overhang.

Step 2 Option A

Install bearing securely into plug, then press the plug into the frame.

Step 2 Option B

Place the plug into the frame without the bearing installed, then install bearing..

Step 3

Pull bandset while pressing plug into place to fully seat the plug.

Installing Tubes On Your Axiom

Step 1.

Place looped tube through the frame from the SHOOTER side. The loop should be on the TARGET side.

Step 2.

Install bearing securely into plug, then position the loop around the plug with the tubes in the grooves.

Step 3.

Firmly press the plug into the Ocularis frame, pulling the tubes from the shooter side to seat the plug.

Important Axiom Instructions!

Never pull tubes AROUND the frame.

Never pull flatbands THROUGH the frame.

Plugs should not be on the target side with flatbands.

Check your bands before every use.

Which Grip should I use with my Axiom Slingshot?

The Pinch Grip

The Fork-Supported Grip

The Hammer Grip

And now, watch the video to see the Axiom in action!

Ocularis™ Plugs Owners Manual

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Axiom Ocularis™ come with everything I need to shoot?

Absolutely. It comes with a lanyard, two powerful flat bandsets, and a pair of Ocularis Plugs to attach them to the frame. Everything you need to shoot is included. You supply the ammo.

How do I install my Ocularis™ plugs?

Installing your Ocularis plugs is quick and simple. Every Ocularis equipped slingshot includes a detailed owners manual. Alternatively, you can watch the video above!

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