Introducing AcuShot™!


For the last 6 years, SimpleShot and their team of ballistic engineers have worked around the clock to revolutionize the way you shoot. 

Accuracy is the ultimate goal of any slingshot shooter and achieving it is the journey we all must endure.

Well, endure no longer. 

Introducing SimpleShot brand AcuShot™ slingshot ammo. With the help of AcuShot™ Slingshot ammo, there's no need to practice for years to be a crack shot. 

With AcuShot™ we guarantee you will be shooting the best groups of your life all the way out to 100 meters. 


Many would call our ammo pre-aimed, but that wouldn’t tell the whole story.

Here is what Nathan had to say about the journey to create AcuShot™ . . .

“It was a cool spring day in 2017 while Elon and I were out blasting some cans at the SimpleShot HQ shooting range. I recall E-train lamenting that he was plenty happy with his close range consistency and accuracy, but eternally frustrated with his long range shooting, never being able to get good groupings beyond 100 meters. 

After a few OJ's and some intense discussion we both agreed that the rotational forces of the earth’s mass was causing an inconsistency between the point of release and impact (obviously). 

After a minute of conversation, it was clear to us that we could leverage the capacities of Starlink’s geosynchronous satellites to interrupt the flight path of the projectile we were using and that is when it all clicked! 

Six years later and here we are.”

AcuShot™ is available only from Simpleshot and requires no subscription or ongoing maintenance. If you are ready to step up to the next level of slingshot accuracy, AcuShot™ is for you. 


*AcuShot™ is not available in California, Washington DC, DuBuque, IA or West Pelzer, SC. AcuShot may lead to swollen heads, incredulous beliefs of personal superiority and dandruff. Offer void where prohibited.