Ocularis™ Owners Manual (online version)

This manual covers installation and banding with the Ocularis™ Band Attachment System.
The Hammer slingshot is shown, but it works the same for any Ocularis™ slingshot.


The Four Rules of Ocularis™

Plugs on shooter side. Bands pull around the frame.

Plugs on target side. Bands pull through the frame.

White plugs only.

Seat the ball bearing half way through the plug.

NEVER pull flatbands through the frame!

NEVER pull tubes around the frame.


Flatband Installation
Place the band into the fork from the ‘target’ side of the slingshot in whichever orientation you desire - over the top, through the forks, or somewhere in between. Push the plug securely into place from the ‘shooter’ side of the slingshot while gently pulling the band towards the ‘target’ side of the slingshot to ensure the plug is completely seated against the slingshot fork.


Tube Installation
Insert the looped tubular band from the ‘shooter’ side of the slingshot as shown. Place the Ocularis™ Plug on the ‘target’ side of the slingshot and seat the tubular bands in the saddles on plug as shown. Take care to ensure the plug is placed in the center point of the loop prior to inserting plug from ‘target’ side of slingshot. Push in plug while gently pulling looped bands from the ‘shooter’ side of the slingshot.

Repeat the process for the second forktip. Double check that both bands are installed in the same orientation. Carefully test the assembly to ensure it is secure before firing the slingshot.

Ball bearings may be inserted prior to or after band installation. Rubbing alcohol or saliva may be used to lubricate the bearing for easier insertion.

Prefer to have the manual as a file that you can print? No problem.

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