SimpleShot Premium Latex Sheet

SimpleShot Premium Latex Sheet

Offered in 2 meter rolls, 150mm wide.

We live in the golden age of slingshots and SimpleShot is always there to provide you the very best products available on the market.  Latex is the heart of the slingshot and the power source for putting your shot on target.  However, not all latex is the same.  For many years Theraband Gold was the ‘gold’ standard.  With the advent of many varieties of Chinese flat latex over the past few years, we have begun to see radical increases in performance…but it just doesn’t last very long and can fail in uncommon and possibly dangerous ways.


The ideal latex for slingshots has a very high rate of retraction, performs well in temperatures below freezing, and has a predictable service life.  In the last few years we have seen some outstanding bands from China and we have stocked them.  However, they can often fail in random places with no predictability or warning and suffer performance losses in the cold.


We knew that there had to be something better and we have worked closely with the world’s very best latex manufacturer in China to develop what we believe to be the best slingshot flatband on the market!


SimpleShot Premium Latex is the answer.  Not just a compromise, but an entirely new formulation of latex made specifically for SimpleShot, specifically for slingshot performance.


Durable, predictable, and cold resistant to -15C….and wicked hot performance!  Give the new SimpleShot Premium Latex a shot and take your shooting to a new level!


0.4mm- Often used by those who shoot with extended draw (butterfly style) and smaller ammo.

0.5mm - Preferred by target shooters and those who enjoy smaller ammo ¼”-5/16” (6mm-8mm)

0.6mm - Perfect for target shooting with larger ammo like 3/8” (9.5mm)

0.7mm - Do it all. Cut to your preferred taper and this thickness will accommodate just about any size ammo.

0.8mm - Preferred by hunters and those who need to deliver heavy projectiles with authority.

1.0mm - For those who insist on shooting the heaviest of ammo with the most resistance.  Great for shooting stones and heavy lead shot.