5 Proven ways slingshots improve archery skills
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5 Proven ways slingshots improve archery skills

Sep 14, 2017

Slingshots can improve my archery accuracy? Yes. Big time.

Here are 5 proven ways slingshots can unlock your mastery of the bow.

So how do you develop archery marksmanship?

Practice, right?

Did you know that the body mechanics and movements of archery and slingshots are so similar that practicing slingshots develops the same exact muscle memory and skills as actually shooting the bow?

Now consider this:

1. How much of your precious practice time is spent fetching arrows?

Slingshots can be fired for literally hundreds of shots at the same target without a single trip to the target.

2. When’s the last time you carried your bow in your pocket?

If you’re practicing with a slingshot, you can have your 'bow' in your pocket and shots can be taken just about anywhere. Despite the portability of the latest crossbows, you still can't fit one in your pocket, right?

And we all know what more practice means. Better shooting.

3. Ever feel tired before you’re done shooting?

Slingshots are capable of great velocity with light resistance and minimal muscle effort.

Practice longer with less muscle fatigue (and loads of fun) and you’ll break bad habits, and keep your eye and aim sharp.


Sound good? We’re not done yet.


4. How much do those arrows cost?

Slingshot ammo is super cheap and infinitely reusable. Shoot until you’re done (remember, no trips to the target and with a light draw, you can practice longer than ever) and collect every single shot to re-shoot tomorrow.

With our steel slingshot ammo you’ll save a bundle on lost, bent or damaged arrows.

5. Want to have FUN?

Plinking cans, backyard shootouts and trick shots are just the tip of the iceberg.

Seriously, slingshots bring out the best in all of us. Maybe you have memories from being a kid or are picking one up for the first time. There's just something about shooting with a forked stick and a pouch. Classic fun.

And maybe the best part?

Slingshots are a fraction of the cost of archery gear.

Our MOST expensive slingshots (it's a full Master Hammer Collection) is 165 bucks (and if you ever see the bells and whistles on this beast, you’ll understand why). And we offer slingshots everywhere in between (down to just $20) to band up and shoot.

We are confident that slingshots will make your practice sessions more attainable, cheaper, more effective, and more fun than ever.


Thanks for reading. Shoot 'em straight!

Nathan Masters, Owner - SimpleShot


P.S. Here’s three bonus reasons every archer needs a slingshot:

1. Slingshot shooting massively improves your release by strengthening your grip, muscle memory and mental focus.

2. Target panic. Many archers report that switching to a slingshot even for a few shots breaks the mental grip of target panic. Keep that slingshot handy!

3. Bowhunters love being able to knock off a pesky squirrel, drive game or even launch scent pellets with their stealthy, pocketable slingshot.


P.P.S. Did we mention that slingshots are fun? ;)

If you ask our average customer, you’ll find that of all the reasons above, the #1 reason they love slingshots is good old fashioned fun.



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