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Congratulations to Zachary Fowler - Winner of Alone, Season three

Feb 16, 2017

SimpleShot advocate and outstanding outdoorsman Zachary Fowler just won the third season of Alone from the History channel.

Not familiar with the show? From the History Channel:

Ten brave participants travel to Patagonia, a wild and remote region of South America, known simply as the “Edge of the World.” There, they will be put to the ultimate test of will and human endurance–surviving as long as they can, completely isolated and alone, with nothing but the contents of a small backpack. Each individual must create their own shelters, catch food from the land, overcome harsh terrain, bitter cold, and contend with a host of deadly predators. They will truly be on their own. No camera crew. No gimmicks. Last one standing wins.

The last one standing? Zachary Fowler. What makes Zachary unique? Well, here's his list of ten things he took with him:

1. Shovel: Spetznas (Russian Special Forces) model w/ sharpened edge
2. Sleeping Bag: -20°
3. Ax: felling ax
4. Pot: 2 quarts w/ handle
5. Ferro Rod
6. Slingshot: custom-made, 2 elastic bands, 30 pieces of ammo
7. Fishing Line & Hooks: 25 hooks; 20 lb test & 50 lb test
8. Paracord
9. Saw: crosscut saw
10. Multitool: pliers, guthook, screwdriver, blade, spoon gauge, file, scissors, sewing awl

Notice anything missing? Not a single food ration. Who needs food when you're Zachary Fowler? 

To whom did Fowler turn when deciding on the slingshot he would bring? SimpleShot of course. He wouldn't have anything but his own hand made slingshot (we couldn't question that, right?), but we got him hooked up with durable gum rubber bandsets to fit his draw and work for slingshots and traps.

Turns out, Fowler chose all the right things. Because he just walked away a winner (and $500k).

Great work, friend!

Follow Fowler on Instagram and YouTube

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