Portable catchbox for slingshots with target

Catchbox for Slingshots


The great thing about slingshots is that you can recycle your ammo . . . and a good catchbox is a must!

We wanted a catchbox with a few important features:

  • Folds for storage / transportation
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable for consistent use
  • Large enough to accommodate multiple targets

Well, we never could find one, so we made one! We worked with our factory that makes our latex, Sparrow, BeanFlip and Flippin' Pickle to make us a catchbox that met these requirements. This catchbox folds up nicely for easy storage or transportation and is easily assembled with simple corner joints. It has upgraded durability and is a 17 inch cube, so you can put spinners, cans, even plates (paper, please) inside.

Let's be clear. A catch box is NOT designed to take direct hits to the frame or to the front. The idea is that your shot will enter the catch box and be slowed by the hanging fabric. No slingshot catch box is designed for direct hits to the frame. We upgraded the material around the front and in the back of the catchbox for greater durability, but if you shoot the frame directly, you can break a frame post.

Add EXTRA fabric to the catchbox if you are shooting heavy or fast ammo. The included backstop will stop match ammo, but you will need extra for faster or heavy ammo.


This catchbox comes with a free 5-pack of silicone spinner targets.


17" x 17" x 17" assembled

17" x 5" x 5" collapsed