Joey Ammo Pouch

Joey Ammo Pouch

Pouch only. Slingshot and ammo not included.

The Joey Ammo Pouch from Holstery is “probably the easiest ammo bag you can strap to your body.” This belt clip pouch is a universal holster, up to the task of carrying your slingshot and ammo at the comfort of your waist. 

It has a built in top closure that keeps your gear in your pouch, and the dirt out.

Sure, there are other ammo bags out there, but Holstery went to great lengths to make this one easier to use than ever. It's finished with a signature yellow 1000d cordura fabric interior, both for toughness and so you can easily see your gear inside!

On the back, it's got a new molded LoPro clip made from pure polycarbonate. This clip eliminates the tang at the bottom of most FOMI clips that eventually digs into your hip. The Joey Ammo Pouch comes with two clips to fit common belt sizes: 1.75" and 2.25”.

Finally, the whole thing is held together by 1/8" thick, USA-made Kydex-T all molded and assembled by hand in Holstery’s workshop in North Idaho.


To carry an average sized slingshot, the stitching may be removed from the side elastic by the user to enable slingshot storage. User assumes responsibility and liability for the modification.