Includes 2 bandsets, Ocularis Plugs, and lanyard

Our lightest, thinnest slingshot frame yet.

The BeanFlip is the new king of thin and light.

Combine that with the fastest band change in the world, its asymmetric design and "bean" pinky hole and you see why it has been the most requested slingshot over the past few years.

Well, now it's here: The BeanFlip Ocularis from SimpleShot.

Capable of shooting OTT, TTF, and everywhere in-between, the BeanFlip Ocularis is now available as a thermoplastic molded frame in our three most popular colors: Black, Green, and Orange. Weighing in at just 3.2 ounces (91 grams), and a mere half inch (12.5mm) thick, the BeanFlip slingshot is the thinnest and lightest frame in our lineup. The frame is asymmetrical, yet completely ambidextrous, so you can shoot it any way you like.

Weight: 3.2 oz. / 91 g

Thickness: .5 in. / 12.5 mm

Fork Gap: 1.5 in. / 40mm

Height: 5.5 in. / 140 mm

Fork Width: 4 in. / 100 mm

How thin is the BeanFlip?

Is it thinner than the Axiom Ocularis? Yes.

is it thinner than the Torque? Yes again.

In fact, the Ocularis plug is the thickest part of this slingshot. If you don't want a slingshot so slim it will fit anywhere, then you do NOT want the BeanFlip. It's our most pocketable slingshot ever.

In our three most popular colors...

Grab your BeanFlip today in your choice of Orange, Green, or Black. Molded in super-tough thermoplastics to SimpleShot quality standards at the same factory in China that makes our slingshot latex for a lifetime of use. Assembled in our North Carolina warehouse with (2) 7/16" steel bandsets to shoot with authority and Ocularis plugs for simple band changes (OTT, TTF, and anywhere in-between)!

Hold it how you want to. What's best for you is best for you. 👊

The BeanFlip Ocularis is 100% ambidextrous and there is NO RIGHT WAY to hold it. It was designed to be held with the larger fork on facing down, but if it fits you better "upside down," go for it! There's no right or wrong way. Just make sure you determine YOUR target / shooter side and make sure the plugs are SHOOTER side for flats and TARGET side for looped tubes.