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Axiom Ocularis™

Good guess, but . . .

The Axiom Ocularis has been a wildly popular slingshot for the past 5+ years.

But in 2022, it was beat out by a different slingshot for the #1 spot.

The Axiom design (made by SimpleShot founder, Nathan Masters) has become one of the most popular slingshot designs in the world. It all started in the workshop of Nathan, but you'll see Axioms all over the place now. 

Why? Because the original Axiom design is about as perfect a design as you can get. 

Perfect ergonomics, yet so versatile absolutely everyone can shoot it comfortably in many grips. The Ocularis version is most popular and shoots OTT, TTF and anywhere in-between! No wonder it's so popular!

The #1 Slingshot of 2022 WAS THE SCOUT LT

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Scout LT2

There's a lot to love.

The Scout LT is inspired by the original Scout in many ways. The same iconic shape is recognized. FlipClip X. OTT and TTF shooting . . .

But there are some differences. It's smaller, making it easier to slip in a pocket. There are no left and right components to the FlipClips, so converting between OTT and TTF is faster than ever. And the removable (5 colors) palm swell scales let you make the profile even thinner!

No wonder it's #1!