May Custom Slingshot- The Rambone

May 10th 2015

This month, though getting started a bit late, Nathan will be building a Rambone slingshot from tropical hardwoods.  Check out the current build ideas in the following video:

The first step is to create the core, or foundation which includes the forks.  The very center laminate is 1/4" baltic birch plywood to which three pieces of Wenge were laminated.  

From this the overall profile of the slingshot was cut out...

Next up was to create the front and back laminations.  Each needed to be approximately 3/4" thick.  For this a foundation of stabilized, spalted sweetgum was mated to Osage Orange and Macassar Ebony.

Once laminated, the front and back were cut to shape and some initial shaping was applied prior to laminating the front and back pieces to the core.

Next up, creating the overall shape and curves...