Hammer XT Slingshot Head

Hammer XT Slingshot Head

Hammer XT Slingshot head only. Slingbow Parts not included. Does not include bands or tubes (sold separately). Available in Black and Drab Green. Made in the USA.

Introducing the Hammer XT Slingshot Platform

Now, the Hammer XT head does it all...and it fits any Hammer handle!

  • Shoots projectiles with wide forktips
  • FlipClipX for the Hammer converts OTT to TTF with just a turn
  • Convert to a slingbow with two screws
  • Accommodates any flatband or looped tube bands(OTT and TTF)
  • Includes FlipClipX For Hammer
  • Accommodates simple tie-ins

Slingshot Mode:  

  • Hammer XT Head- OTT or TTF, tubes or flatbands
  • FlipClipX for Hammer- Simple, secure, and quick!


  • Fork tip width: 1-1/16"/27mm for both OTT and TTF
  • Fork Gap: 2-5/16"/59mm
  • Outside Fork width: 4-15/32"/113mm

If you are converting your existing Hammer LT slingbow head parts over to the XT Slingbow head, you will need the adapter found here

Made in the USA.