Hammer XT Slingshot Kit

Hammer XT Slingshot Kit

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Slingshot ONLY. Slingbow kit sold separately.

Introducing the Hammer XT Slingshot Platform.  

Now, the Hammer XT head does it all.

  • Shoots projectiles with wide forktips
  • FlipClipX for the Hammer converts OTT to TTF with just a turn
  • Accommodates any flatband (OTT and TTF)

Slingshot Option Includes:

  • Hammer XT Slingshot Head
  • Hammer XT Handle with Wrist Brace
  • SimpleShot Black Latex 7/8" General Purpose Slingshot bandset
  • FlipClipX for the Hammer

Hammer XT Slingshot head specs:

  • Includes FlipClipX For Hammer
  • Fits heavy single strand slingbow tubes for arrows or looped slingbow tubes
  • Fits flatbands, tubes or looped tubes for slingshot projectiles
  • Accommodates circular brush arrow rest for arrows with quick and easy install or removal

Hammer XT Handle specs:

  • Used for shooting round ball projectiles or Arrows
  • Includes accessory rail- Fits Weaver or Picatinny attachments 
  • Includes adjustable and removable Wrist Brace
  • Fits all Hammer Heads (LT and XT)

If you are converting your existing Hammer LT slingshot head parts over to the XT head to use as a slingbow, you will need the adapter found here