Introducing the Flippin' Pickle - PFS!

Introducing the Flippin' Pickle - PFS!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Jan 13th 2021

The first PFS from SimpleShot is here!

You've been asking and waiting for a long time. And we've continued to keep a close eye on the market and slingshot community . . .

We've taken our time with this one for a number of reasons. Mainly, a PFS is just not for everyone. This is truly an expert level slingshot.

If you are a beginner or even intermediate slingshot shooter that still has lots of questions about slingshots, we have slingshots for you. Check out the Scout (XT or LT) or Axiom Ocularis. But if you know slingshots well and know how to handle a PFS, your day has arrived.

Available in Green, black and clear, the Flippin' Pickle comes frame only (you've already got bands, right?).