Scout LT and Axiom Ocularis PRO!

Scout LT and Axiom Ocularis PRO!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Oct 22nd 2021

The Pro Series has two options: The Scout LT and the Axiom Ocularis.

After the original Limited addition models sold out, we put out a poll and ask what you would like to see return to the simple shot lineup. You guys answered loud and clear. You definitely wanted to see the Axiom Ocularis and the Scout LT back. And, you told us that you wanted to see it in a combination of cranberry, silver or gunmetal, and black.

So today we are proud to introduce the first two members of the pro series.

The Axiom Ocularis is available in three colors: black, gunmetal, and cranberry.

The Scout LT is available in six combinations: black on black, silver on black, silver on gunmetal, black on gunmetal, black on cranberry, and silver on cranberry.

We hope you enjoy!