Dankung Tubular Rubber Bandset Assemblies

Dankung Tubular Rubber Bandset Assemblies

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Sold per bandset- quantity of one provides one bandset assmebly

A long time favorite of the Asian slingshot enthusiast, many western shooters are now enjoying the performance, simplicity, and durability of small diameter looped tubular bands.  We offer three different gauge materials in three different lengths to satisfy a wide range of shooter's and preferred ammo sizes.  Each bandset comes fitted with our standard single layer Top Grain Leather Pouch.  Sold in quantities of one (1) bandset assembly.

  • 1632 bandsets are best for light ammo, 5/16"-3/8" steel (offered in Amber formulation)
  • 1745 bandsets are best for heavy ammo such as 1/2" steel and .44+caliber lead
  • 1842 bandsets are ideal for lighter hunting ammo or for those who prefer a heavier target weight band
  • 2040 bandsets are best for target weight ammo and a lighter pull. 3/8"-7/16" steel or .32-.38caliber lead

All bandsets are built around three ranges of draw length:

  • Small - 28"-30"(448-480%)
  • Medium - 32"-34"(450-477%)
  • Large - 36"-38"(450-475%)

Each will display an elongation factor of 450-480% within each range.  If you wish to increase the speed of a bandset(increase elongation factor) simply choose the draw length range below your actual draw length.  Example:  If you have a 32" draw length and prefer an elongation factor of 550%, choose the 28"-30" draw length for the preferred tubing size. Please note that increasing elongation factor shortens band life.


43 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by 1833SMSU on Jun 25th 2019

    Dont let the price of these bands fool you.
    The draw weight I feel is light but the speed is crazy. Yesterday I made a AT&T call to a pigeons cheat 20 yards away and no less then 30 ft up at a 29 inch draw and 7/8th steel ball. No fuss no muss no flapping. I did have to change my ammo pinch to my finger tips from 2nd knuckle and thumb for clean release but it did not take long

  • 3
    Poor quality workmanship

    Posted by Ian MacDonald on Jun 2nd 2019

    The bands perform decently, 1/2” steel was 195 FPS with a 29” draw so not bad, however, the band tying let go and smacked me in the fingers and I wasn’t stressing them too hard. I just re did them with more wraps but keep an eye on your bands when you receive them

    From Team SimpleShot: We stand behind our products 100% and apologize that the band failed on you early. Had you contacted us, we would have been (and still are) glad to help you with a replacement.

  • 3
    dankung bands

    Posted by William Amendolare on Apr 18th 2019

    I'm 32 in pull so I ordered the mediums should have gotten the longer ones .I can pull to my release point but have to really pinch over the ball I'm using 3/8 steel balls . I've been a service tech for 30 yrs always wrenching so I like to think I have pretty good finger and hand strength.

  • 5

    Posted by Will on Apr 15th 2019

    Don’t be afraid to tug on em. Slightly different to zero in on your target compared to flats, but a couple shots and you’re gold.

  • 5
    No complaints at all with these bands.I love them.

    Posted by Michael on Jun 30th 2018

    I love the large 1745 bands by Dankun.Theygo extremely well with my yellow jacket.Goyta get more of the same

  • 5
    2040 bandset

    Posted by Ken P on Jun 28th 2018

    Love them on my Torque .... more then 500 shots and still fast no issues at all , already ordered more

  • 5
    No complaints at all with these bands.I love them.

    Posted by Michael on Jun 18th 2018

    I love the bands.Fast and ferious.

  • 5

    Posted by Mike Brown on May 3rd 2018

    If you are 6 ft 4 and have a 33 sleeve, u need the longs!!! great bandset bought 2, shooting clay 3/8 inch pellets at a knot on tree at 75 feet!! Miss a lot but get awful close when i miss

  • 5
    Tubulars are fun & easy swap

    Posted by Ron Bergeron on Apr 15th 2018

    Easy experimentation of different strengths and lengths. I have mediums in 2040 and 1842. Will be trying larges next.

  • 5
    Dankung looped tube bandset

    Posted by Plungerman on Apr 15th 2018

    Banded to thick natural fork tines which soft leather gypsy tabs. I got the extra large 2040s which pull easily. Helps as I have two sore shoulders. Very accurate.

  • 3
    I'll try these again when I've developed better pinching strength

    Posted by Kate in KS on Mar 31st 2018

    I can definitely see why so many slingshot enthusiasts love these. They are powerful, and those shots are hot! So fun! But I ended up swapping these out on my Torque with some flat bands. This is because, although the small size is recommended for a 28-30" draw, I couldn't even draw it 25" without having to pinch the pouch in front of the ammo to hang on to it. I can pull the bands back that far, but it takes pinching strength I just don't have (yet?) to execute a clean release. So they're nearly impossible for me to shoot with any accuracy at all. I tried going to a medium, and that was better for me, but it was still a struggle. Sure wish there was a better way to hold the pouch that is easier to hang on to...

  • 3

    Posted by Josiah Robinson on Mar 14th 2018

    Maybe I just got a lemon set but they only lasted maybe 50 shots with my torque

Please keep in mind that the slingshot bands are made from a natural material. This means that we have no way of predicting the life of the band. Even the best maintained bands can fail inexplicably or have a short life time. Despite our best efforts, using high quality industry standard materials and testing; approximately 1% of the bands fail early. We do not provide a warranty of any kind on bands.