Pocket Shot™ arrow pouches

The Pocket Shot™ Arrow Pouch

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Arrow Pouches Pack of 3.  These pouches provide the user with a full draw length for a 30 inch arrow.  Arrows will shoot up to 130 FPS. Use these pouches to shoot full size arrows with the whisker biscuit cap found HERE.  The Pocket Shot and arrow not included

1 Review

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    Pocket Shot Arrow Pouch

    Posted by Jerry H on Dec 23rd 2018

    As an arrow pouch these perform pretty much as described. While some individuals may be able to draw these beefy pouches to anchor at full draw length and hold without snap shooting I am not. I would suggest that an alternative pouch be cobbled up that would allow a draw length of at least 30" to be held at mouth corner. This would give archers a familiar perch and make better use use of the Hammer handle with wrist strap for non arrow shooters as well. At this point full draw is somewhere in the air, at least for me.