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The Pocket Shot

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How do you stuff more fun in your pocket for your next outdoor adventure?  Bring along The Pocket Shot!  One of the most novel slingshot developments we have seen come along in quite some time, The Pocket Shot is 100% American designed and manufactured.  Capable of shooting 1/4" steel shot over 325fps and sporting two different power bands, The Pocket Shot is perfect for impromptu can blasting with friends or another way to enjoy sending small projectiles downrange.  The perfect gift the for the slingshot enthusiast in your life, grab one today!

Comes equipped with two power bands- one blue (extra power) and one black (standard power)

10 Reviews

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    Pocket shot

    Posted by Unknown on May 11th 2019

    Thought I was buying a black pocket shot like above picture. When I received an orange one I was disappointed.

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    Pocket shot

    Posted by Rob on Feb 19th 2018

    The side of my finger holding the pocket shot starts to hurt after a few shots. Wish the plastic was molded for easer shooting !

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    Pocket Shot

    Posted by Buck Buchanan on Jan 9th 2018

    I’ve shot slingshots a lot, but the pocket shot maybe 150 rounds on three different occasions, I still have a lot to learn about the pocket shot.

    1st outing (50-100 Shots) I came away thinking: “This thing is too hard to shoot! I’ll never be able to hit anything!” A couple days later my 2nd try: “The muscles in my lower right arm hurt from the first outing. So painful, I give up after maybe 10 shots. Thinking, I wasted my money!”

    I don’t give up easily if I care about something! I bought the pocket shot because it could have some advantages, compact, relatively powerful, simple, easy to carry... I watched some of the YouTube videos on shooting it, again.

    About a week later I take it out for the 3rd try. “This time my arm still hurts, but not so bad. This time shooting like demonstrated on YouTube, I seldom hit anything, but I’m close enough to see it’s possible, and I’m going to keep trying.”

    4 stars because it’s an innovative product with potential, I didn’t find any flaws in the product, I may even learn to use it, and learn to like it.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 16th 2017

    Arrived On time and works great. Small and powerful just as expected

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    So far it's ok

    Posted by Kelly Antill on Jan 19th 2017

    So far it's ok kinda hard to give it a full testing when it's -30 outside. But I can see some uses for it, thinking of using it for a pocket fishing setup. As for a slingshot it won't be replacing my torque anytime soon.

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    Posted by stu on Oct 1st 2016

    Convenient enough to carry in a pocket and powerful enough to reach 200' effortlessly.

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    The kids like it

    Posted by Stephen Smith on Aug 26th 2016

    The kids were able to shoot it a lot better than me. Really neat and compact.

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    Compact and powerful

    Posted by Chris on Jun 26th 2016

    An excellent, compact slingshot tool that works beyond my expectations.

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    Light weight pouch

    Posted by John fugate on Apr 29th 2016

    The product is very accurate the only problem I have is the lightweight couch busted open within 5 minutes

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    Posted by Unknown on Jun 20th 2015

    Simple, light, self-contained, and powerful enough to pierce a soda can. It's also safer for beginners, without the dangers of a fork hit or nailing your own hand. What's not to like?