Hammer Maintenance Kit (Slingbow)

Hammer Slingbow Maintenance Kit

$40.00 $36.99
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Keep two fresh slingbow bands and a spare set of Ocularis™ plugs handy (we all lose things sometimes).

The Hammer Maintenance Kit includes:

  • One set of Ocularis™ White Plugs
  • Two hard-hitting looped tubular bands setup for shooting arrows from The Hammer slingbow- one standard weight and one heavy weight.

 Includes the SimpleShot exclusive finger pinch release built on a 14 strand B50 loop and served with .019" serving string for perfect nock fit.  If you prefer using a mechanical release, simply remove the leather finger tab and you are good to go!  Capable of shooting hunting weight arrows 145-170fps (depending users draw length).  

This is the stock band that comes standard with The Hammer Slingshot/Slingbow and the 'heavy' slingbow band found here.

Ocularis™ plugs for all SimpleShot Ocularis™ compatible slingshots only. Impervious to fork hits and infinitely adjustable.  Includes two plugs and two 7/16" steel bearings.