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The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow

Available in Black and OD Green


Capable of being shot with or without a wrist brace, this slingshot/slingbow offers the marksman the opportunity to have one unit to support multiple shooting disciplines. Whether you are an archer or bowhunter looking for the next challenge or enjoy bowfishing, The Hammer has got you covered.

For the slingshot enthusiast, there has never been a more adjustable and stable shooting platform. The hammergrip provides for the strongest and most intuitive of all grips. Combine this with the additional stability afforded by the removable wrist brace and the quick change patent pending Ocularis™ band attachment system, you can go from shooting heavy hunting bands with wrist support to light weight plinking bands without.  The Hammer accepts both flatband and tubular band, all in one slingshot platform.

The Hammer Slingshot may be purchased as a complete kit or as a slingshot alone, with or without the folding wristbrace.

To learn more about this amazing slingshot/slingbow and discover what each kit offers, visit: www.hammerslingshot.com

View The Hammer owner's manual here.

View The Ocularis Plugs owner's manual here


The Hammer comes with one looped tubular band for slingbow and one flatband for roundball projectiles.


Now shipping with the new and improved slingbow bands




The Hammer 01:56

The Hammer Slingshot goes on sale March 21, 2016. Check out this video to see how the component parts perform to create the ultimate slingshot.

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  1. Well Engineered!

    Posted by Larry Moore on Dec 27th 2016

    I have only recently started shooting my new Hammer and I am quite impressed with the obvious engineering that has been put into its design and materials. I believe that I will be placing the Hammer very high on my list of favorite slingshots as I obtain and use various slings. Thank you for making it possible to purchase such a quality slingshot.

  2. Awesome!

    Posted by Rob on Dec 26th 2016

    Just received my green Hammer sling shot, and have to say, this is top notch! Love the weight, stability and the ocularis system for attaching my tubes. Since it is very, very cold here in the winter, was only able to take a few shots after getting it all put together, and wow! I know this will be one of my "go to" sling shots. Thanks!

  3. Excellent

    Posted by Gregor on Dec 26th 2016

    Very accurate as a bow..the supplied pinch set up works until you get yourself a proper release though tears up your fingers and unless you have gorilla fingers don't allow for a full draw. Great speed. Just fantastic versatility.

  4. simple shot hammer positively the best sling bow you will ever shoot

    Posted by Joe Bishop on Dec 8th 2016

    I bought my hammer after shooting one during the swamp stomp shoot in north Carolina and love it the hammer is easy to shoot can change in the heads fast in the field sling bow has plenty of power to to take big game and is very accurate just checking out my YouTube channel Joseph Bishop bbs and see how tight a group it can hold the hammer is awesome

  5. hammer?

    Posted by frank mariotti on Dec 8th 2016

    Well made, the slingbow is Terrific, the flat bands for the slingshot are Too Weak for something called The-Hammer.
    That aside Vary happy with the Hammer.

  6. Have not got it!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 4th 2016

    I can not comment on this Hammer because have not receive it yet. Over 19 days since order shipped on 11/24.

  7. a little wimpy

    Posted by mt.boy on Nov 27th 2016

    I was expecting a little more powerful bands, for both the slingshot and the slingbow. The slingshot more so. With the arm brace I expected more. I haven't really decided about the ocularis system?

  8. Awesome!

    Posted by Steven on Nov 4th 2016

    Just like anything else Nathan creates, it's perfect.

    Kung Fu Steve

  9. The Hammer is Awesome!

    Posted by Graham Keltner on Oct 21st 2016

    After shooting slingshots all of my life I've finally found one that fits all of my needs. From just fun plinking to competition and now hunting. This past weekend I was able to kill a deer with my Hammer and it was a Great experience. I've killed deer with gun, bow, muzzleloader and now slingshot. The simplicity yet high quality and performance of the Hammer made the hunting experience one that I will never forget. I cant wait to get back in the woods.

  10. Excellent... and surprisingly capable.

    Posted by Robert L on Sep 24th 2016

    There's a lot to talk about with this device, and no where near enough space to say it all. Build quality and construction material is stellar. The heads fit tight (and for those who think "too tight", consider a little dry lube like remington dry lube or some graphite from a pencil or rub some good ol' lead on it from a lead ball projectile) and have zero play even with the heaviest bands installed. And, for the slingshot head, you can indeed mount very heavy hunting bands in place of the single layer latex it ships with and you can do so in a very short amount of time due tot he ocularis mounting system. The new tubes that ship for the slingbow head pull about 36lbs according to my scale and send 465 grain arrows down range at an average of 160fps... and 400 grain arrows averaging over 170. The notch on either side of the forks on both heads makes a nice aiming reference for side shooters like me... and in slingshot mode, the ocularis system lets you mount bands at any angle you prefer so it's fine for ott, ttf, and you can experiment anywhere in between. The adjustable wrist brace is surprisingly comfortable and not only allows for the obvious like how much clothing you are wearing and how much pressure it takes off your wrist, but the adjustment also lets you lock in the angle you hold your frame on the vertical plane to take at least two variables out of what you have to think about for accurate shooting. The accessory rail is a nice touch, but I have honestly not needed to mount anything to it yet.

  11. lamping

    Posted by john r. on Sep 22nd 2016

    i am very happy with the slingshot it is the only one i have found that is perfect for shooting rabbits at night on my own due to the fact i can fit a small torch to the base of the slingshot and dont have the hassle of a headlamp which is all over the place when one is trying to shoot. it is what i have been looking for for some time it is a very good product and 10 out of 10 to whoever came up whith this idea.

  12. Looking Forward to receiving my Hammer/Scout

    Posted by Aram Donatossian on Sep 19th 2016

    I ordered the Hammer and Scout Sling Shot for the Labour Day Week End Special and am anxiously awaiting there arrival. As of Today, Monday September 19, 2016 I have yet to receive them. Based on the video I think it would rate at least a 4 or 5 out of 5, but because I don't yet have it in my hands I can only give it a 3 out of 5 rating.

  13. Amazing Product

    Posted by JB on Sep 17th 2016

    As with my other Simpleshot products the slingbow is top quality, the shipping was fast . I ordered the complete kit and couldn't wait to put to use - - -

  14. Very pleased

    Posted by Jim on Aug 23rd 2016

    This is the first SS I've ever bought, and it took some talking to myself to do so. I'm a cheap son-of-a-gun but really liked what I saw, after throwing a few questions their way and getting quick responses, which I liked, I put in my order and so far have no regrets, love the quality and versatility. I've been shooting for little over a week now and it is sweet, mostly with the arrow set-up , I've made several SS and slingbows but this will not be hanging on the wall as my others are, looking forward to doing some hunting and Carp shooting after getting their fishing adapter, I did have an issue with fitting the heads in place due to the tight fit but again after watching their vids and following their advice this became a no issue, so I am s happy camper, thanks

  15. Quality product

    Posted by Andrew garrett on Aug 6th 2016

    Ive played with the hammer for the last 2 days and its fun.ill be buying exclusivly from you guys due to all 5he good imformation available on
    U tube.awsome.

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