Both colors in both configurations: slingshot and slingbow

The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow Full Kit

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Available in Black and Drab Green

The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow is the most advanced modern adult slingshot on the market.

Capable of being shot with or without a wrist brace, this slingshot/slingbow offers the marksman the opportunity to have one unit to support multiple shooting disciplines. Whether you are an archer or bowhunter looking for the next challenge or enjoy bowfishing, The Hammer has got you covered.

For the slingshot enthusiast, there has never been a more adjustable and stable shooting platform. The hammergrip provides for the strongest and most intuitive of all grips. Combine this with the additional stability afforded by the removable wrist brace and the quick change patent pending Ocularis™ band attachment system, you can go from shooting heavy hunting bands with wrist support to light weight plinking bands without.  The Hammer accepts both flatband and tubular band, all in one slingshot platform.

The Hammer Slingshot may be purchased as a complete kit or as a slingshot alone, with or without the folding wristbrace.

To learn more about this amazing slingshot/slingbow and discover what each kit offers, visit:

View The Hammer owner's manual here.

View The Ocularis Plugs owner's manual here


The Hammer comes with one looped tubular band for slingbow and one flatband for roundball projectiles.



64 Reviews

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    one of the best slingshots I have owned

    Posted by James M Coombe on May 22nd 2017

    a few weeks ago I bought, for the first time, three slingshots from Simple Shot. com. these were not my first slingshots-probably somewhere around my fiftieth+ or so-My first slingshot at age 8 was some plastic yellow handled rig with flat bands and a storage compartment in the handle. Then a wood Whamo and a Black plastic marksman. Then the original wrist rocket. Dozens of different models over that 50 year period. Right now I am a full time archery coach after retiring from the federal government and my wife and son are nationally prominent tournament archers. He's been shooting slingshots more than half his 19 years on earth. So I bought a pair of the Hammers (without the arrow attachment-we have dozens of recurves, compounds crossbows, etc) and they arrived tonight. Ian (my son) put them together and we went into our archery range where I have a slingshot range up for the summer. a couple hundred shots each-Ian and I each had a couple strange flights (shooting daisy glass slingshot marbles) early on but after that no issues. The grip is wonderful. The brace is excellent-I like how it can be adjusted. The wrist brace is in the proper place allowing a very relaxed grip (as opposed to some other brands where the pressure is down from the top rather than the bottom of the handle where it should be) the balance is excellent. I really have nothing I could suggest to improve the Hammer. we are using basic flat bands OTF set up that come with it. Yes, these were easily the two most expensive SS's I have ever purchased but I'd say they are worth the money. We are very happy with the Hammers. BTW the service from Simple Shot.Com is excellent: no complaints and the written instructions are pretty easy to understand.

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    My favorite catapult

    Posted by Stanley Johnson on Apr 7th 2017

    I really enjoy the hammer and it is my favorite slingshot. It is so versatile and well built it is a lot of fun switching heads and shooting some arrows. The wrist brace is something I didn't realize I needed. It takes a lot of stress off or the arm when you are shooting with heavier bands. It has a optional pocket shot head which makes the pocket shot much more functional. The occularis plugs are excellent and makes changing bands a breeze. I plan on picking up another slingshot head so I can have dedicated heads, one with light bands and one with heavy bands. You did a great job on this one Simple Shot.

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    AWESOME, FANTASTIC What more can I say

    Posted by Daniel on Feb 9th 2017

    This Hammer Slingshot is built like the Incerdible Hulk!!!!
    Shot inside with marbles and it worked like a charm.
    Love the customer service too. Always response to my questions. From all the slingshots I have purchased this is by far the BEST. When warm weather comes up I'll be trying out the arrows.

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    From Italy: trying the Hammer

    Posted by Max on Feb 7th 2017

    In all my life i have used many different slingshots. So i was very curios to try the Hammer. Very new and modern, i'd say innovative in the design. But at the same time the Hummer is very easy to use it and in aiming the target. It doesn't lose the simplicity of using the more traditional models.
    Only one big defect: the basic flatbands provided with the slingshot are to weak to shot the more heavy amno like the 1/2 inch ones. Buying the Hummer you want to use them and not the lightest.
    Greetings from Rome

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    Excellent slingshot so far

    Posted by Scott on Jan 23rd 2017

    This slingshot has exceeded all my expectations so far. I have no had much opportunity to get a whole lot of shooting yet. After reading other comments I plan to shorten the flat bands a bit? Extremely well thought out and designed slingshot, kudos!

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    Posted by Tommy Elgström on Jan 20th 2017

    I have tried many a slingshots in my days and I thought they where killing until I tried the hammer. It is a beast, mark my whords. The only complaint is that you have to shorten the bandset quite a lot to get the punch you want. All in all?
    The slingshot of your dreams

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    State of the art !!

    Posted by Kevin on Jan 17th 2017

    I chose the black Hammer with the wrist brace. I wanted it for its ability to shoot arrows. What a great product. Its so easy its stupid. Same anchor point as my compound bow plus I can use my release too. Can you say crazy accurate, I cant put this thing down because its so gratifying to hit where you want every time. This is 10 times better then the Marksman Pocket Hunter I recently got for my Son. What a huge disappointment that purchase was! Now I cant wait to get the fishing package for the hammer. Oh yeah cant forget the other head for it. Big improvement over my wrist rocket from my childhood. I tried the semi butterfly and wow insane velocity. I can definitely hit more time with the Hammer then with the wrist rocket. love the old rocket but I gotta be honest. This thing is State of the art!!!

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    Swiss Army Knife of Slingshots

    Posted by Paul on Jan 16th 2017

    The Hammer covers all my needs for hunting and fishing. Out of the box, easy to assemble, and with the aid of Simple Shots Youtube videos, I sized the bands to my draw for the first time on a slingshot. What a difference the correct band length makes in power. The quality of The Hammer is outstanding, very detailed, and super rugged. The Ocularis system works like a dream. The sling bow head works better than expected, based on my experience with other sling bows. Easy to nock the arrow, no arrow rise-up. The bands for the sling bow are very well made, and work perfectly with my release. Cant wait to bow fish with it. I will be ordering two more in the near future for my two sons.

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    A bit disappointing

    Posted by Marcus on Jan 15th 2017

    The product seems solid but the wrist brace is fold away which makes the item difficult to carry. For the price I expected this basic feature. Also it's extremely difficult to change heads... if I had known this I wouldn't have bought it...

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    Have I defeated its purpose?

    Posted by Jim on Jan 7th 2017

    This is my second review on the Hammer but thought it necessary, I have the Hammer/Slingbows and know what makes this so sweet is the ability to switch heads right? But oh know I thought why do this , so I purchased the Hammer Pocket so I could install my SS head with my first purchase on to this one, and can still use the pocket if need be, crazy I know but I'm loving it, Just a great combo for me, just throwing it out there

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    Great design!

    Posted by Marijonas Šlektavičius on Jan 4th 2017

    I recently received my hammer and i have to say i'm impressed - it's easy to use, intuitive and, since it's wrist braced, you don't need to figure out if you like the pinch grip or thumb brace grip!
    I shot single tubes and tbg bands and the band attachment system held up great.
    Haven't tried the slingbow head yet, still need to get some arrows and a release, but i imagine it should work fine!
    Definitely a recommended product,

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    Well Engineered!

    Posted by Larry Moore on Dec 27th 2016

    I have only recently started shooting my new Hammer and I am quite impressed with the obvious engineering that has been put into its design and materials. I believe that I will be placing the Hammer very high on my list of favorite slingshots as I obtain and use various slings. Thank you for making it possible to purchase such a quality slingshot.