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Scout™ Cast Aluminum

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The Scout from SimpleShot, cast in aluminum by Milbro ProShot UK.   This cast slingshot was molded from a custom, hand shaped Scout made by the folks at Team SimpleShot.   All the great features of the original Scout, but with a hand sculpted feel and stout heft of solid aluminum.  This slingshot will include FlipClips and one 7/8"x .030"x 10" latex flatband assembly.

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  1. bad ass.

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 16th 2017

    Wouldnt recommend for ur first one but if you have been shooting for awhile buy this bad boy! Love the simplicity of the band installation if ur thinking about getting into shooting I would recommend the original scout to be ur first l filed sight dimples into mine for superior accuracy..

  2. Great Slingshot

    Posted by Chris Greenmun on Jul 11th 2017

    I own quite a few slingshots and I feel that this is one of the most accurate one. With the clips it's easy to be very precise with setting the bands. The weight makes the the slingshot very stable. It's also very forgiving with mistakes (i.e. fork hits are very rare). Highly recommend this model.

  3. Great idea but was well let down

    Posted by Blake Warner on Jan 24th 2017

    I was really excited for my aluminium scout, having purchased 3 of the normal gen 2 models it became my favourite slingshot. having purchased off simple-shot a few times I can say this is my first average experience with them, my first attempt to order the aluminium scout it never arrived in the mail but they were awesome enough to send a replacement. Unfortunately when that arrived it was poorly polished and has multiple deep scratches and rough patches and the polishing wax wasn't completely cleaned off. It's fantastic this slingshot comes in a cast aluminium frame so I am disappointed, but again this is my first somewhat bad experience with simple shot so don't be deterred, by the looks of the other reviews mine was a one off but for the price the quality was not there for me on this order.

  4. awesome adult fun

    Posted by john nato on Jan 16th 2017

    my scout came fast i went outside as soon as i got it it was a blast made real well i am a combat vet and cant weight for my check i will order the bundle the maxpediton bag ammo and another scout gen2 cant weight

  5. Not just a work of art!

    Posted by Joe Gee on Dec 25th 2016

    I got this slingshot because this company offers what is most other manufacturer do not have on the market: all metal slingshots that perform well and are easy to install a myriad of slingshot types on. I don't typically write reviews but I was compelled to because of the conclusion i have come to upon using this product.

  6. Elegantly Simple

    Posted by David Closson II on Nov 14th 2016

    Truthornothing here, I received this Slingshot late this past Saturday , and due to all kinds of prior obligations, I was only able to admire it from afar. Its beautiful . More elgantly shaped than the standard Scout but retains all the simplicity and functionality. It is not too heavy but weighs a good bit more than the standard model. The extra weight makes it much more stable while shooting. Which I got the do this morning before work. It was a joy Blasting cans across the lawn at work and this thing points very intuitively. It feels great in the hand and you can tell the original was shaped by Nathan I love it but lament the fact that its so good that I am going to have to get the Bean Flip and Axiom models too. LOL I like the flip clips better than the occularis mostly be cause My hands are klutzy and the Flip lips are the easiest band attachment method ever. Though the occularis is the most versatile. If you like slingshots, trust me. You need this one.