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Ocularis Axiom Champ™ Black


The Axiom Champ has won more tournaments in the USA than any other slingshot!  We have taken the SimpleShot classic design and updated it with Ocularis™ compatible fork tips.  Same great shape and size but now Ocularized!

This slingshot comes with 3/4" straight cut SimpleShot Black Flatbands

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    Posted by Sam Holt on Aug 24th 2017

    Neat slingshot and very versatile!

  2. Redicovering a fun hobby

    Posted by Mario on Jul 20th 2017

    I recently found an ancient wrist rocket in storage and thought I'd buy some bands and have some fun with my kids (10 & 12 yrs old). In searching for bands I discovered that there is a whole newer industry that has sprung up with tournaments, blogs and makers using new and old materials. This is fantastic and exciting to see and naturally I want in, so I bought an Ocularis Axium champ to get started with and I'm in love again with an old hobby. This little thing is amazing! It's easily carried and powerful. Already browsing to see which one I'll try next.