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Maxim Champ™ Poly

Single slingshot or starter kit (child or adult safety glasses)

 The Maxim Champ is the smallest of the three new models from FlippinOut Slingshots.   This slingshot was co-designed with Ray Bazonski, the 2012, 2013, 2014 Overall First place winner and 'champ' of the East Coast Slingshot Tournament.  Ray scaled down the Maxim Tactical to accommodate his preference for extremely small and minimal slingshots.  The slingshot still boasts 3/4" wide fork tip attachments, so that heavier bands may be used, and just like all slingshots sporting the 3G fork tips from FlippinOut, this slingshot is set up to shoot any elastic you want.

For the shooter who prefers a very small slingshot or ladies and children, the Maxim Champ is a perfect choice.  The narrow handle section allows the ring and middle fingers to grip the slingshot wherein that grip pressure "pulls" the handle butt and upper forks into a seated position. This naturally allows the shooter to hold the slingshot in the same position from shot to shot. For more information check out this video.

The Maxim Champ Slingshot is crafted from extremely strong and durable 1/2" thick HDPE polymer for lasting strength and good looks.  The perfect choice for the boat, camper, or truck- now you never need be more than a few steps from a dependable slingshot.  Also an excellent choice for beginners as it cannot be damaged by fork hits.

Capable of shooting any propulsion system available- from chained office rubber bands to flatbands, the Maxim Champ Slingshot satisfies.

The slingshot comes with a paracord lanyard and  banded with natural latex dipped,looped tubes and top grain leather pouch.

Check the Starter Kit to add in a pair of safety glasses and 3 lbs. of 3/8" ammo.



  • Length: 5."
  • Outside Fork Width: 3.375"
  • Inside Fork Width: 1.875"
  • Fork Width: Round 3/4"
  • Thickness: 1/2"


Introducing the Maxim and Ultima 04:54

Two new designs from FlippinOut Slingshots, The Maxim and The Ultima! The Maxim is the counterpoint to the popular Axiom from FlippinOut, perfect size for most adults. The Ultima is the counterpoint to the ever popular Omega from FlippinOut. For the shooter who prefers a larger slingshot or the shooter with larger than average hands. Both of these slingshots incorporate the built in ergonomics found in all FlippinOut slingshots and can be built with the new 3G fork tips, allowing one slingshot to shoot all popular rubbers- flatbands, tradtional tubes, looped chinese tubes.

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    Two new designs from FlippinOut Slingshots, The Maxim and The ...
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    We're out roving with a couple of our slingshots. Spring is in...

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  1. ok

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 9th 2017

    This slingshot is good but the fork tips are poorly made.

    band is uneven.

  2. great

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 14th 2017

    this slingshot is great! great EDC slingshot
    keeper but keep getting hands slaps!

  3. Great Shooter

    Posted by Tibor on Dec 8th 2016

    small , compact,fits in shirt pocket. Love it shoots great

  4. It's the feel good factor

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 5th 2016

    The slingshot fits the hand like a glove .shoots fast and easy.Makes shooting fun.

  5. Classic

    Posted by Bill on Sep 2nd 2016

    Simple, straightforward design. I especially like this with looped bands, very easy to change in seconds with no ties or extra parts. Of course you can also tie flatbands or whatever to these forks, to your own preferences. Compact, but does not feel small to me (I like smaller slingshots), fit and grip seems natural. I prefer the Ocularis style fork tips for flatbands and this style for looped. A keeper, can't go wrong on this one.

  6. I LOVE IT

    Posted by uri keren on Sep 20th 2015


  7. Small But Accurate

    Posted by Elliott on Jun 14th 2015

    This little guy shoots very well and is very accurate. It's a little uncomfortable in my hand, but I should have realized it might be an issue because the description does say it's very small. This item description didn't have measurements though, as some other Flippin Out Slingshots do. Just know that it's small.

  8. Flippin awesome

    Posted by hotrod on Apr 29th 2015

    Perfect size for my hand. Love how it falls right into my hand.

  9. May be my favorite of

    Posted by Robert P on Apr 29th 2015

    May be my favorite of the three types I bought it shoots real nice and might be the one I choose to go in my bug out bag still debating between it and the scout. I think it will make an excellent choice for edc due to it being nice and compact

  10. Im impressed with the maxim

    Posted by Jorge C. on Apr 29th 2015

    Im impressed with the maxim champ i cant believe how feathery it feels in my hand . My brothers found it nice to shoot it is very forviving to those wanting to learn chinese style of shooting looped tubes .Great for everyday carry.

  11. Love the little shooter

    Posted by Patty S. on Apr 29th 2015

    Love the little shooter

  12. Couldn't be happier with the Champ

    Posted by Brian M. on Apr 29th 2015

    I got the Champ because I couldn't decide between it and the Scout. This shooter is the one I use daily. I couldn't be happier with the feel and proformance of the Champ. It's accuracy is outstanding when shooting matched ammo. It's Lightwieght, compact and simple design make this a fast, reliable and easy to use pocket shooter. You can not go wrong with the Champ!

  13. Maxim Champ

    Posted by Ben L. on Apr 29th 2015

    Fantastic little shooter. was smaller than I expected even though it clearly shows the size. Still fits the hand great. Weighs around 70 odd grams so very pocketable. It's now my EDC slingshot for those 'wish I had a slingshot with me' moments.

  14. Great little shooter!

    Posted by Kevin G. on Apr 29th 2015

    Small, pocket-able and able to keep pace with my larger slingshots. Very comfortable and feels weightless. Everyday carry slingshot. I am very happy with the Maxim Champ.

  15. Love It!!!

    Posted by Kevin G. on Apr 29th 2015

    shooters much larger than the MC. Love this slingshot

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