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JellyBean™ Yellow Jacket

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This frame was inspired by a small wire frame slingshot and brought to life by slingshot community member and all around excellent dude, Mike Meuli aka. BeanFlip.  When we saw this design we thought it looked like a good shooter...when we shot it, we knew without doubt!   It sits low in the hand with a positive pinky finger lock and can be fitted with both tubes and flatbands.  The organic ergonomics of this design combined with the ever adaptable Ocularis™ band attachment system makes the Jelly Bean a very compact, pocket sized adult slingshot that is big on performance.

From Mike/BeanFlip- "The design was conceived by a "Cronie" and executed by another member of SSF. From that point I modified the shape, offset the handle, and cut from HDPE. Another "Cronie" of mine gave me a hand with the Ocularis™ modification."  SimpleShot is proud to offer this community sourced slingshot always, designed and made in the USA!

This slingshot is made from a specialty HDPE material- yellow core with black front and back fused to the core.

The slingshot comes with .030" thick x 3/4" wide latex flatbands and two Ocularis™ band attachment plugs.


Overall Height: 4.5"

Overall width(outside forks): 3.25"

Fork Gap: 1.25"

Thickness: .5"

31 Reviews

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    Jelly Bean

    Posted by Roy on Nov 13th 2018

    I've always believed that a .380 in your pocket is better than a .45 on your safe. The Jelly Bean is like the .380, easy to carry...always in my pocket. At first I thought it was ok, now it's my go to slingshot and I shoot it more than my Scout. In my right back pocket comfortably at all times.

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    JellyBean ( Y J )

    Posted by Donnie Shoulders on Oct 11th 2018

    Gotta be honest, this was a tough 1 for me. I bought my 1st JB a few weeks ago. Get it set up , go outside to shoot and my 1st shot was a ( you guessed it), a fork hit. Lol And every shot from there on out was a fork hit. I'll say 1 thing, this ss is durable as heck. I don't know exactly how many fork hits I had, but it was alot. I tried different band setups, I shot different sized ammo, 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" ss ammo & glass marbles. Everything I tried was a fork hit. I have 6 other Simple-Shot SS's and although I still had a fork hit every once in a while, it was nothing like the JB with forkstrikes every shot. I was so discussed. I think the problem was in my release but everything I tried didn't work. So I finally give it away. Not wanting to let this ss beat me, I got another 1. Lol. Get this 1 setup, go outside to shoot and not 1 fork hit. For the life of me I have no idea why I had all that trouble with the 1st 1. This 1 shoots great!!!! It's now my pocket ss. I would recommend this shooter to everyone!!!!

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    Joey Covey

    Posted by Joey on Aug 27th 2018

    This thing is awesome! Small and compact. The only thing I don’t like about it, I can’t shoot it gangster style. I keep getting fork strikes.

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    Jelly bean yellow jacket

    Posted by Brian on Jul 17th 2018

    On the 2nd day of shooting a real yellow jacket came to look very closely at her. He loved my Jelly bean !!!
    Beyond that ento-attraction this has been the perfect slingshot for one getting back into the hobby. It is comfortable yet flat, light, and easily pocketable. Above all else, the oculus system makes this slingshot superb for dialing in custom bands and shifting between different bands for those figuring out how to best set up a slingshot for their purposes.
    I am totally happy with this design.

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    Its awesome, just NOT for me :(

    Posted by Brad Cacace on May 7th 2018

    So, I love this thing. I have been looking to buy one forever, it's a perfect EDC slinger. However I cannot figure out where to hold to get a consistent shot. Now that is no negative mark to the Jelly itself, she is a beaut. I on the other hand am the problem LOL. Buddy of mine came by and was smacking cans all day with it, whereas I can't hit a can but every 7th shot or so. The Jelly Bean is an awesome slingshot just not in my hands. I am giving it 4 stars as it deserves, just because I am horrible with it doesn't make it a BAD slinger as my friend proved.

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    All day use

    Posted by Whitney on Apr 26th 2018

    I have had this thing in my pocket since I got it love it always find a chance to take a I work in or near wood most of the day so new target new angle new challenge every shot wish I found this a long time ago

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    jelly bean

    Posted by B on Apr 12th 2018

    excellent quality, good feel in the hand and shoots quite well with the provided band set once trimmed for proper draw length. the "ocu-whatever-polarity-whatnot" ball bearing pluggy things make band changes incredibly easy and really quick. definitely worth the ticket price!

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    Awesome little shooter

    Posted by Eiron R Thomas on Sep 29th 2017

    I have the scout, torque and now the jellybean. I have it set up with 1745 tubes and with a twist of the pouch she is an awesome straight shooting machine! I shoot 3/8 and 1/2 steel TTF with absolutely no problem with a half twist to the pouch!

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    Must Have

    Posted by Mike on Aug 12th 2017

    First time I shot Jellybean BAM 3/8 steel ball to the thumb. OUCH!
    Put it down for a month or two went back to my trusty Scout. While shooting the other day I said I have to give Jellybean another try and boy am I glad I did. I was hitting the target within 3 shots at 50ft It's small compact fits in your pocket nice and once you get the nerve it shoots great. Happy Hunting

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    Great plinker

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 5th 2017

    First SS for me. I really like the size, shape, and versitility of the ocularis system. I have big hands and zero SS experience. I doubt that experienced shooters would recommend this as a first SS. I might agree but it has been super for me. I've tried flat and tube-prefer the flats at 45, not quite OTT, not quite OTF. The pinky hole works for me! Using my index finger in a pinch, and thumb braced. Right now the frame is more accurate than I am. Learning what works best for an aim point. Lots of fun. Love that I can shoot right in my yard.

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    Posted by Wompus on Feb 27th 2017

    Honestly; wary at first, but now it's my EDC. Love this thing.

    I'm accustom to full size slings, the Scout is my go-to shooter. But, I wanted something easy to carry and this would be my first "pocketable" sling shot.

    At first try, didn't know what to think. I had to rethink a few things, tweek the band positions, work on different grips and I did come away with one fork hit (drat).

    After a little work, I'm so glad I stuck with it. Quick band changes and pocket size for EDC, this ones hard to beat.

    If you're a full size shooter, give this thing a try. The nuances of shooting a smaller size will just make you a better shooter.

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    Great Purchase

    Posted by Burke on Feb 25th 2017

    I bought this beautiful slingshot about 2 weeks ago. It fits perfectly into my small hands using pinch or hammer grip. The bands that come with this slingshot are a perfect set for marbles and 3/8 steel shot. Not only is it accurate, but it's durable as hell. This fell out of my pocket when I got stuck on my atv. When my tires spun, the slingshot fell under them. When I got unstuck, I realized it was gone. When I washed it off, it was in perfect condition. So in the end, buy this slingshot!