Dead Ringer- BB Slingshot

Dead Ringer- BB Slingshot

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The Dead Ringer is a dedicated BB shooting slingshot made for .177 caliber BB's.  Of course, any projectle or bands can be used with this virtually indestructible 1/2" thick HDPE slingshot, but its ultra compact size makes it perfect for small ammo.  The traditional 'pinky hole' is situated to accommodate the ring finger rather than the pinky, offering a secure and comfortable fork supported or full pinch grip.  This is also a great slingshot for kids or those with very small hands, as both the pinky and ring finger can fit in the hole for an extra secure grip.

This slingshot comes with our BB flatbands made from Theraband Blue or tubular bands, each with our top grain leather BB pouch.  

  • Overall Height: 3-9/16"
  • Outside width: 3"
  • Fork Gap:  1-5/16"
  • Fork Tips: 3/4"

62 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Johnny on Jun 10th 2017

    Beautiful bb shooter.

  • 5

    Posted by Johnny Felix on Feb 18th 2017

    Simply beautiful.

  • 5
    My 4 year old loves it.

    Posted by Dave on Jan 2nd 2017

    It fits my boys had perfect. I shortened up the bands a bit and he is nearly hitting cans now but getting better every time. This little slinger is perfect for him.

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    Neat, but use the +P Bandset

    Posted by Brian DeCostero on Oct 22nd 2016

    The Dead Ringer is a bit small, even for my raccoon-sized hands, but I like it. I couldn't figure out how to use the finger ring though.

    I put a double-set of +P Bandsets, as I like being able to puncture aluminum cans. If I want to use it indoors, I just use airsoft pellets.

    Overall, a neat, little slingshot.

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    Most Used

    Posted by ColoradoJ on Oct 19th 2016

    I wanted a SS that I could shoot airsoft BB's in the house with. This little one is FUN. I can't shoot at 30 feet indoors, but using the smaller ammo @ 17ft on smaller targets is just as fun.

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    Nice little shooter

    Posted by Geoff on Sep 19th 2016

    When I banded up this little shooter with the supplied BB bands I was a little disappointed in the power that I was seeing. I guess I was expecting something to punch holes neatly through soda cans, this was not the case. I found out after shooting the "Dead Ringer" for a little while that it sometimes takes a few shots to break through the can, after that it seems easy to penetrate the soft aluminum.

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    Dead Ringer BB

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 17th 2016

    What a great little shooter! I now carry this with me to use in my hotel room when I travel. Fun fun fun!

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    Dead Ringer BB

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 3rd 2016

    I love the dead ringer slingshot, it's so small and nice in my pocket. Small but powerful enough to almost anything. The next will be xmas gifts.

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    Dead ringer

    Posted by Lunasling on Aug 18th 2016

    A fine frame very pocketable,
    Very affordable and shoots a variety of set ups in flats and tubes ! A fine addition to any EDC pocket.

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    great in pocket

    Posted by Bill on Aug 9th 2016

    I REALLY like this little guy! Been using with looped 2040 bands and .36 lead, very nice combination. Looped bands change out very quickly on this configuration. Good for lots more than just BB's. I do find it more sensitive to grip variations than my larger slingshots, but that shouldn't surprise anyone. It's so small and easy to carry, I end up shooting it more than any others I own. Very worthwhile and makes me smile!

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    Good for Old and Young alike

    Posted by Dean on Jul 2nd 2016

    I am 67, this sligh shot is easy and fun to shoot. I have several young neighbour boys who drop in to visit and this product is also very cheap to let them have fun with.

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    Big fun, little package

    Posted by Rob on May 30th 2016

    Just like the title says, this little thing is tons of fun. The tbb that comes on it is on I ordered the bb tube set from here and they are better IMO. But I took some scrape tbg and cut it to 3/8" x 7" and it will zip bb's and 1/4" steel at supersonic speeds with no hand slap. The only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is it's a little slick. You have to have a good grip on it. I've shot it three ways; vertical with thumb support on the V, pinch grip, and index finger wrapped and thump support. Anyway you hold it, it shoots great. Lots of fun!