Axiom OTT/TTF Poly Target side view

Axiom™ OTT/TTF Poly


Sold Out!

This frame fits a wide variety of hand sizes- neither too big for the ladies, nor too small for the brawniest man due to the adaptability of the handle.  The careful blending of materials and attention to ergonomics has allowed the Axiom to fit nearly everyone.

This frame will include one bandset with single layer .030" medical latex flatbands and leather pouch

Crafted from ultra durable HDPE plastic(high density polyethylene) this slingshot can handle any all abuse you can throw at it.  Perfect for the truck, tackle box, or bug out bag- The Axiom in polymer provides custom performance at a value price.  The slingshot can be banded either 'over the top' or 'through the forks'.  Can be modified to shoot looped tubes by drilling a 1/4"-5/16" hole through the indicator mark and cutting slots.

  • Length: 5.5"
  • Outside Fork Width: 3.65"
  • Inside Fork Width: 1.875"
  • Fork Tip Width: 7/8" OTT, 7/8" TTF
  • Thickness: 3/4"