Axiom Champ Slingshot in Clear Green Black and Orange

Axiom Champ

Includes 2 SimpleShot 7/16"/11mm Bandsets, Band-Tying Material, and One Lanyard.

The Axiom Champ is the smallest, most compact frame from SimpleShot.

Designed over a decade ago. Winner of enough tournaments to be named "The Champ." Based on the ubiquitous Axiom design.

This slingshot has some rich history, and it's perfect for you if you love minimal, compact and bare-bones. No clips. No palmswell. Just an iconic shape (possibly the most influential design in the slingshot world) that shoots OTT and TTF.

The Axiom Champ is available in our four most popular colors!





Get to know the Axiom Champ with these videos.

First, let Nathan tell you some of the story of the Axiom Champ through the years and how we finally landed here with the slingshot being made out of thermoplastics just like our other slingshots. After countless handmade Axioms were made, SimpleShot started making the Champ in HDPE around 2016. We made it in black and also in the popular "Yellow Jacket" yellow and black layers. We eventually stopped making the Axiom Champ in poly (HDPE) as prices shot up and the work to make one made it unsustainable.  

Well, now the Champ is Back!

The Axiom Champ is available in our four most popular colors in thermoplastics. Made from our slingshot enthusiast friends who make our bandsets, the BeanFlip, Flippin Pickle in China, the Champ comes in green, orange, black and clear!

Second, watch as Nathan sets up an Axiom Champ start to finish in our owners manual video. It's simple, but you will need to tie on your bandset. As always, use the lanyard at ALL times, ALWAYS tune your bands to the ammo you are shooting and make sure they are attached firmly.

What's included?

  • 1 Axiom Champ slingshot frame
  • 1 lanyard
  • 2 powerful bandsets (tunable to your needs)
  • 1 spool of tie-in tape (aproximately 3 feet)

The Champ isn't for everyone . . .

  • It's not for you if you are not interested in tying your bands on.
  • It's not for you if you like a large palmswell.
  • It's not for you if you don't like a slingshot that fits in your pocket with room to spare.

  • It IS for you if you like learning new things (such as tying your bands on) or if you already know how to tie bands on your slingshot frame.
  • It IS for you if you like a tiny slingshot that fits anywhere, including even small pockets.
  • It IS for you if you love small frames, shoot OTT and TTF.
  • It IS for you if you like clear frames.

The Axiom Champ from SimpleShot. Small. Thin. Colorful. It's the Champ.