Scout LT Slingshot

Scout LT Slingshot

Scout LT, FlipClips X, 2 bandsets, lanyard, and one pair of scales included in all options. Optional accessory handle weight NOT INCLUDED. Made in the USA.

The Scout LT. Lighter. Thinner. More customizable than ever.

Introducing the brand new Scout LT. The result of years of work and listening to our customers, the Scout LT is the little brother of the Scout XT, but no less capable. What is the difference? Good question. Let's dive in . . .

Here are the overall dimensions of the Scout LT.

Fork-tip to Fork-tip (width) : 90mm (3.5 in)

Fork Gap (between the fork-tips) : 50mm (2 in)

Fork Tips (height x width x thick) : 20 x 20 x 13 mm (.75 x .75 x .5 in)

Overall height : 13 cm (5 in)

Frame Thickness (no palm-swells) : 13 - 18 mm (.5 - .7 in)

Palm-swell thickness : 29 mm (1.1 in)

Customization like never before.

You've got colors (25 color combos to be exact), palm swell options, and the easiest banding options ever.

Let's start with color. Five colors to mix and match: Black, Dark Green, Orange, Brown, and Red.

With five frame colors and five scale colors, your slingshot can be tricked out in no time. Mix and match frames and palmswells for up to 25 different combos.

An all-new slingshot frame concept.

Is this the most versatile frame out there?

Keep it simple and you've got a thin, pocketable frame with a pinky hole.

Are you a wrapper? Imagine the possibilities for those of you into paracord wraps!

Attach the palmswell scales to give your frame a more substantial grip (you can even swap sides for varying grips).

Add in the optional weight for the handle and the Scout LT is just loaded with possibility.

And, of course, you can wrap and tuck. The forktips will receive tie-ins like a champ while accommodating the latest FlipClip X for Scout LT.

Banding options? Yeah, we've got you covered!

Two years ago when the Scout LT was just a concept, there were several requirements. At the top of the list: the best banding system in the world.

And while FlipClip X was the obvious choice, there was one important factor. No left and right components. While Scout XT has forktips requiring a left and right FlipClip, Scout LT has truly universal forktips.

What does that mean? It means every clip is the same. No left or right.
No swapping clips to convert from OTT to TTF.

Wanna shoot tubes? Thick flats? No problem.

Again, FlipClips have come of age. After literally years upon years of refinements, this is the band attachment to rule them all.

Easily band up tubes (single and looped), fat bands, tiny bands, or wide bands with ease.

So this is it. It's finally here.

16 color combos. New FlipClip X. Customizable frame. Color bundles. Optional handle weight.
It's everything you've wanted in a slingshot.


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